Friday, October 26, 2012

Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Nashville on ABC
I wasn't sure if I'd like this show, and haven't actually caught one on the TV, but thank Goodness for because I'm loving it! There's been a hole in my life since Friday Night Lights ended and now that Connie Britton is back, it's filled. It's even worth stomaching Hayden Panettiere. That's saying something.

This Recipe
I actually haven't even tried it yet, but it looks YUMMY and EASY. 2 of my favorite words when it comes to food.

G-Chat and Friends Who'll G-Chat
Even better? Friends who ASK me about running and such... makes me feel like I'm MUCH less obsessive for constantly bringing it up.
I am DYING to get this CD. I've got a FIRM date to hit Target up after work on Friday to get the CD so I can put it on my iPod for the half marathon. If you get it at Target, there's a few extra tracks! CANNOT WAIT!
New Necklace
The Hubs got me this for our anniversary from etsy. Not sure the exact site. I remember emailing him a link MONTHS ago saying I liked this style/idea and he SAVED THE LINK and got it for me now. I had forgotten all about it! Best Hubs (and gift) ever! LOVE it.
 Groupon (or similar) Type Deals
The Hubs and I love this Mexican place, so I snatched up a few of these. Luckily this time I checked the expiration date. We accidentally just bought FORTY DOLLARS worth of pizza place groupons (to equal EIGHTY DOLLARS OF PIZZA!!!!) and the stupid things expire in 3 weeks! Eck! Guess who ordered pizza last night and will be once a week for the next month?? The Hubs is in HEAVEN.

I'm also loving chocolate chips, Christina Perri, Revenge, cinnamon flavored coffee, slate grey colored nail polish, Ben and Jerry's frozen Greek yogurt, Target, stalking the weather, day dreaming about running again, brown rice, our iPad (best purchase ever), checking books out of the library, this blog and wearing heels again.


  1. Not a huge Taylor fan, however, I am LOVING Nashville. It is right up there with Smash in my book!

  2. always proud to support you...and I want to make sure you're taking good care of that FAB body of yours too ;-)

    <3 ya!!

    PS- thanks for bleeping out my last name...stolen identities suck, LOL, too funny!!

  3. cuuuuuuute necklace. dinner with "slop" in the title doesn't sound appealing - kinda like