Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Advice Needed!!!

I need advice.

I mean, I pretty much constantly need advice-- but, this time I need it about 1 thing in particular.

Remember when I ran a marathon? No, you don't? Seeing as how I haven't run more than 4 miles at a time or more than 9 miles TOTAL in 16 days (not that I'm counting... at ALL), I can understand. But, I did. I ran the 2012 Chicago Marathon. Really. I did.

Let me refresh your memory...

Yup-- official race pictures are here!! Get excited.

Clearly SOME of these pics were from the first half of the race...
Check out that CHEESY smile. I was SOOO happy to be running!! Little did I know in a few short miles I'd be in a world of hurt.
Maybe not smiling, but still feeling (and kinda looking) strong. Reminder, that didn't last.
While others, are CLEARLY from the second half (aka: death)...
Thoughts in my head at this point: I WANT TO DIE. THIS SUCKS SO BAD. I HATE RUNNING.
Wow. I look like I might legit be dying in this pic. Wowza.

 Oh, you didn't believe that I really finished? 
Yup, that's the BEST pic the PROFESSIONAL race photographers could manage to get of me crossing the finish line of my FIRST marathon... ya know, NBD or anything you'd want photographic evidence of. Whatev. 

There! See- I have a metal and a space blanket thing. CLEARLY I finished. 

So, yes- I did in fact finish my first marathon. We got that.

Now... that advice thing I mentioned...

Obviously, moments after crossing the finish line I was already contemplating my next marathon. I'll admit it-- I'm out for redemption. I want to break 4:15. There, it's out there.

Days later, the feeling didn't go away and I began frantically scouring the web for a possible #2. Unfortunately, I live in northern Indiana and there are NUMEROUS marathons like RIGHT NOW and then not again til Spring. Bummer. Spring it was. That decision brought 2 contenders:  Kalamazoo Marathon or The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon.

Well, I decided.

The Illinois Marathon won out. Why? It's at my Alma mater, it's flat, it's at my Alma mater, it's not TOO hard for friends and fam to go to if they want to, it's at my Alma mater, there's a 10K race as well that my FIL might decided to run and IT'S AT MY ALMA MATER! Did I mention it's at my Alma mater? Ultimately, the whole running across the 50 yard line of the football stadium I cheered many a games at and seeing the city I spent 4 glorious years in tipped the scales. Oh, and the whole LOTS OF HILLS part of the Kalamazoo kinda hurt its case. Just being honest.

So, there's that. 1 decision done.

That was easy. And, to be honest-- I decided that a while ago. I'm not really ever sure it was THAT much of a question.

Then, I ran again. And there was knee pain. And so I rested a bit and tried again. Again, pain. And we repeated that cycle once again. Wash, rinse, repeat, right? BLEAH.

So, that's where we are today. I'm resting it and hoping things turn around for this weekends half that I registered for before the marathon. We'll see.

This is where I need your advice.

Do I register for the Illinois Marathon, even though I'm currently injured? It's $80 and goes up to $85 next week... so, basically if I'm gonna register I'd rather register now and save the $5. The Hubs says I'm crazy and it's only $5 so it's not like I HAVE to decide right now. I get that... but, I feel like if I don't register now it's like admitting defeat to this stupid knee. The race isn't til April... SURELY I'll be healed enough to do training for that. I mean... right??? (Note: SAY YES or I'll likely cry.) But, I don't want to be STUPID and register for a f-ing MARATHON when I can't even run TWO miles right now without pain. I am WAY over thinking this. I know.  I already got the OK from my boss to take a half day on day before this marathon, so nothing's stopping me from pulling the trigger on that end. And, it's only $80, which is pretty cheap for a marathon. I mean-- I spend WAY more than that on a pair of running shoes! So, what if I register and can't do it? I'll only be out $80... and, I could always just drop down to one of the shorter races, if needed. Right? But, why register NOW if I can't RUN at all right now? Isn't that asking for trouble?

Do you SEE just how crazy my brain can be? These thoughts have been occupying a solid 85% of my brain capacity for several days.

So, help a nutcase girl out... what do you think? Any advice?


  1. $5 isn't a whole lot if you wait a week. It's basically a fro yo or an sbux latte if you really think about it. I will admit that I was out close to $500 in entry fees from May until now. So not cool. If you want my advice I would wait and pay the extra $5 and register next week.
    I am glad that you are excited to run another marathon so soon. It took me almost two years to run my 2nd! :-)

  2. How long is it $85 for? I'd wait - it's $5... Plan to rest more, and try running in a little bit and see how it goes. You may need to rest longer (and not do that half) if you really want to be ready for another spring marathon. I'd play it by ear still so you aren't out $80. If anything, you'll be out just the $5 and can be confident in your decision to run it!! :)

  3. Well, knowing you and knowing this situation....I'd say just go ahead and register. You clearly ARE going to run it; you will have to be dying or unable to walk (at all) in order to keep yourself from doing this. This is YOU we're talking about, come on! =) I think if you go ahead and register for it, you will feel better and maybe stop overthinking the injury so much. You can do the rest and races you have planned, and if needed go to the Dr in the next month or so to set up a plan to get you better by race day this Spring....knowing that you have this marathon as your goal. For others, I might say to just hold off and see how it goes. But for you, my darling dear, I say register and then start focusing on YOU and this AWESOME GOAL =) Quit driving yourself too nuts.

    <3 ya!!

  4. Register. Your knee will be fine. I promise. April is so far away.. and it's nearly in May anyway.