Friday, October 19, 2012

ONE mile

1 mile.

That was the goal.

Just ONE mile.

Seems so silly after running 26.2 2 short weeks ago.

Regardless-- one mile was all I could think about. all. day. long.

Did I have hopes to MAYBE keep going and get a few more? Ok, fine. Yes. But-- whatever. The GOAL was one mile. One glorious, non-pain-filled mile.

SUCCESS!! Ok, technically the garmin says .98, but 1- that's close enough and 2- I forgot to hit start til a few steps in, so I'm sure it was a full mile.

How'd it feel?? GOOD. GREAT. AMAZING. PAIN freaking FREE. I couldn't have been happier.

I KNOW it's a bit faster than I wanted. I was going for a 10-minute mile. Honestly, it would have been even faster, but I was running with someone and wanted to stay together. Thank goodness for her because I'm sure otherwise I would have gone crazy and tried some sub 8:00 pace and been STUPID MEAGAN. As it was, I ended up being semi-not-so-smart Meagan. I'll take that.

Post-mile I had to pick up my neon-orange race shirt (love it!) and was SOOOO tempted to do 2 more to see how it kept feeling, buuuuut-- I didn't! It was pretty chilly and I only had on a t-shirt and shorts. Plus, I was carrying this extra t-shirt now and I didn't have my iPod. PLUS, my friend didn't want to run anymore. So, I decided to listen to everything telling me not to push it and stopped at 1. Good thing too, since it started raining about 3 minutes later.

Anyway- 1 glorious mile down. The smile across my face was outta control.

On the walk back to my car, I'll admit-- my knee started feeling a little... odd. Not hurting. But, not normal either. I can't much describe it, but it was a very faint feeling, but noticeable. Now, I think that might have a teeeeny, tiny bit to do with my mental state. Ya know... the post-injury crazies where you think EVERY LITTLE twing is a full blown down-for-the-count injury? Yeah. Those. The kinda "off" feeling was gone before I even got home.  Regardless, I iced when I got home and stayed off it the rest of the night. 

Today, it feels FINE. And, believe me-- I was SOOOO tempted to return to good ol' treadmill and test it out more... but, I resisted. ME. Woah. I decided I'd rather rest it again today and then see how the 5K goes tomorrow. WOOOOAH. Did I just make a SMART decision? Don't worry, I won't make a habit of it.

For now, I'll continue to bask in my post-ONE MILE runners high glow. Fingers crossed tomorrow's 5K just adds to the glow!

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  1. So happy for you!!!!! It really is surprising how much a marathon takes out of you. You would think that you would be fully recovered by now, but it takes a couple of weeks. I hope that your 5K is awesome and pain free tomorrow. Good luck!