Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Workout Recap (9/24-9/30)- Marathon Training Week 18:

"The human body is capable of amazing physical deeds. If we could just free ourselves from our perceived limitations and tap into our internal fire, the possibilities are endless. "
-Dean Karnazes

Weekly Workout Recap (9/24-9/30)- Marathon Training Week 18:
(Reminder: My actual workouts in RED, what my plan called for in BLUE)
Monday, 9.24- 7.5 miles {Spinning & 3 miles}
Tuesday, 9.25- Rest (SICK!) {Signature Strength}
Wednesday, 9.26- Rest (SICK!) {3 miles}
Thursday, 9.27- 6.5 miles and 40 min. elliptical {5 miles}
Friday, 9.28- 4.5 mile run and 20 minute elliptical {Rest}
Saturday, 9.29- 8.25 mile LR {8 mile LR}
Sunday, 9.30- 50 min elliptical and 4.25 mile walk w/ the Hubs {60 minutes cross training}

Totals for Week 18:
26.75 Miles Run {19 Miles}
0 Spinning Classes {1 Spinning Classes}
0 Signature Strength Classes {1 Signature Strength Class}
110 Minutes on Elliptical {60 Minutes Cross Training}
4.25 Miles Walked {None on Plan}
2 Rest Days {1  Rest Day}

Week 18 of 19.

How I Felt:

Body: Ready to be done. I've loved pretty much every second of training, but my body is TIRED. Definitely didn't help that got sick. Boo. 
Mental: I'd love to sit here and say everything is hunky dorey (is that a common expression or just me?)... but, the truth is-- I'm nervous. And unsure. I felt MUCH more confident a week ago, just after a loooong run. Now, I feel like my fitness is gone. I felt like the 8-miler "long run" this week was MUCH harder than it should have been. Buuuut, I also know LOTS of people say that and that this feeling is (supposedly) normal. I'm trying to focus on the "everyone goes through this!" part and not on the "holy crap how am I going to run 26.2 miles if 8 just felt a little rough?!?!" part. TRYING.
Energy Level: Tired. Exhausted. though I'd guess this is more due to the cold than training. 
Hunger: Whatever. Same.
GOALS: Better! But, a loooot of that is due to the cold which forced me to sleep like 10 hours 2 nights in a row. Whatever the reason, I'll take it! I've also been much more intentional about getting water in during the day and have been more successful there too.  

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