Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIAW - The Day After a Marathon

This edition of WIAW is brought to you by the 2012 Chicago Marathon... kinda. Below are all my meals from the day after the day I did the hardest thing I've ever done: The 2012 Chicago Marathon.
I took the day off work and got outta bed (very painfully, I might add) around 8am. My tummy was already growling, so I headed straight to the kitchen and made this: a 3 egg white, 1 egg omelet with chicken sausage and low-fat cheese and 1 small pumpkin muffin left over from a batch I made last week (SUPER hard recipe: box of spice cake + can of pumpkin) with a spray of spray butter (SO healthy) on each side. HUGE glass of water and a Diet Pepsi to drink.
I was actually surprised how full breakfast kept me all morning. Maybe it was more because I kept myself busy grading papers, so I just didn't notice my grumbly tummy. Either way, by noon it was definitely time to eat again: 2 pretty big pieces of left over sausage and green pepper pizza. Powerade Zero to drink.
FRO YO for the win. Vanilla fro yo with oreos, reeses, and a few gummy worms. OMG- so healthy I can't even stand it.
(old pic, same exact meal)
Brown rice with red/orange/yellow peppers and onions sauteed in TJ's peanut salad dressing, reduced sodium soy sauce, and siracha. I'm 100% addicted to this meal.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar. So good.

I was actually VERY surprised how (for me) little I ate. I was HUNGRY, but got full pretty fast. It definitely wasn't a low-calorie day by any means, but based on some of the post-long run days hunger level, I thought this day would have been legit non-stop shoving food into my face as fast as humanly possible. Man, the lessons this marathon is teaching me are endless.
As always, thanks to Jen, our WIAW host.

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  1. Loving your day after marathon meals. I'm always SO much hungrier the day after a LR. I seriously feel like I eat everything & anything.