Friday, October 5, 2012

A few numbers (and no pictures)

18.75= number of weeks I've been training

131= number of days of training completed

668.65= number of miles logged.

22= number of  miles ran as my longest long run.

18 (including today)= number of  full rest days I took throughout training. (Side note: That's weird to think... In 130 days, I've only not done SOMETHING sweat-inducing 17 of them. DAMN.)

2 = number of miles I have left to run before the marathon

1.5= number of  days to go til the race.

26.2= number of  miles I'll run Sunday.

Aprox. 904855987544561 = number of nervous breakdowns I've had about the marathon.

10+ = number of people I have coming out to the course to support me on Sunday.

$325+= amount of money spent on just the race and the hotel room alone. Who said running was free?

Aprox. 985= number of times I've checked the weather since Monday.

In 40 hours I'll be toe-ing the start line of my very first marathon. Words cannot describe how incredibly excited and overwhelmed with emotion I am right now. Let's do this.

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