Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIAW - 10/17

It's that time again. Time for another not so exciting edition of What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). Brought to you by this girl.
Lately, I've been doing weird WIAWs like post-marathon, sick day, long run day, etc. I figured for this one, let's just do a normal, run of the mill weekday. B-O-R-I-N-G, I know. So, below is from Monday. Just a typical, run of the hill Monday.
I started my Monday off with a BORING 65 minutes on the elliptical.
After getting to work, I usually sit right down and have breakfast by 8:30am, but this morning a few meetings got in the way. By 9:30am, I was starving!
Breakfast (around 9:30am):
Pineapple Chobani & about 1 serving of Special K mixed together. Unpictured coffee. About 280 calories.
I teach on Monday's and Wednesday's, so while I like to eat lunch a bit later, around 1:30, today I had no choice and had to eat earlier. I was surprisingly not starving for lunch, which I'm sure had something to do with the late breakfast and early lunch times. Still, I'm usually starving by lunch, so it was a nice surprise.

Lunch (around 12:20pm):
Left over crock-pot chicken taco chili (based closely on this recipe), a medium pear, a Diet Coke and a handful of gummy bears. About 350 calories.
Lunch left me STUFFED. I made that chili in the crock pot last night for dinner and the Hubs and I both had it for dinner (the Hubs went back for seconds!), I had it for lunch today and there's still at least 3-4 meals worth left. Super easy. Super quick. SUPER YUM.
Snack (around 4pm):
Couple handfuls of almonds. About 180 calories.
Dinner (around 6:30pm):
Left over chicken, spinach and garlic pizza. Around 450 calories (Note: total estimate, but based on other take-out pizza places with same toppings.).
After dinner the Hubs and I went on a 5.6 mile walk around the Notre Dame campus and to get the below dessert.
Dessert (around 7:45pm):
FRO YO! Sorry for the crappy pic. It took all my self control to even take the time to snap the pic and the Hubs and were walking back to our house and it was SO DARK outside. It is what it is. Anyway-- it's FF vanilla fro yo with 1 pump hot fudge, a squirt of whip cream and some almond slivers. About 200 calories.
"Snack" 2 (around 8:30pm)
Mug of Hot Chocolate. Hits the spot every time. I put a smidge over a serving in, so I'd guess about 30 calories.
Total: 1490.
I've been TRYING to get the food intake under control now that I'm not burning 1000+ calories more days than not. Damn, I miss that about marathon training! The training-hunger hasn't fully gone away, but I can feel it slowly getting back to normal. I did OK today... I'm trying to stay around 1400... so I was over it, but not TOO bad. Argh! It's SO hard! Food is just TOO GOOD.



  1. I don't think I ever got my food intake under control after Eugene in April. :/
    My clothes seriously hate me right now. UGH!!!!
    On a random note I drink that hot chocolate too- my husband says it gross. I don't know what is wrong with him!

    1. Haha! Well, mine is a SLOW move... some days MUCH closer than others. This was one of the good days. :)

      HOW CAN HE NOT LIKE HOT CHOCOLATE?!?!?! It's CHOCOLATE. He knows that, right?!?!? Matt wouldn't ever like request it, but he'd never not have some if it was offered to him. Crazy boys. I LOVE a good cup of hot chocolate around this time of year through the winter. YUM!

  2. Any walk to frozen yogurt is worth it :).

    Hunnie, I don't want to be one of those annoying bloggers, but are you planning on sticking with 1400 calories a day even though your burning 1000+ a day? I'm only asking because I've just been diagnosed with HA and I never wish that upon anyone else.

    1. OMG! No!!! LOL. When I was mid-marathon training I was eating everything in sight. I try to monnitor and when I move more, I eat more. When I move a bit less, I eat a bit less. TRY. Usually it ends up being when I move more, I eat a TON more and when I move less, I eat... the same. LOL. Thanks for checking though- that's sweet of you!!

      What is HA, btw? I'm not familiar with it.

  3. Leftover pizza for the win! I think it tastes better the second day... :)