Monday, October 8, 2012

The Day After

Well, I survived!

26.2 (or 26.7+, depending on who you ask!) later and I'm alive and... well, alive!

I've never been this sore, but I'll admit I was expecting worse. I can walk... and go up and down stairs, though both with a little waddle and not exactly pain free.

I passed out last night at about 10pm and slept pretty solid til 8am this morning. I honestly think I woke up so early simply because I was SO sore and my body needed to move around a bit.

Anyway, I got up and then made and devoured (a huge) breakfast. Then, I layed around and graded some papers and watched Desperate Housewives on Netflix Instant.

I pretty much stayed in the same spot til lunch... left over pizza with a side of more Desperate Housewives and compression socks.

At 12:30 I finally made my way out of the house and went to work. I took today off, but still had to teach.

By 2:15pm class was out and I was on my way to my massage!! I was SOOOO excited for this! 

The massage felt GREAAAT! But, I'm definitely still sore and it didn't do the wonders I was hoping for. Oh well.

One thing that DID do wonders for my rumbling tummy was FRO YO!
Best post-marathon gift to myself ever.
After fro yo I came home and wrote my expo-blog. Now, it's time to put my legs up and zone out in front of the TV for the rest of the night.
G'night all!!
(The rest of the marathon re-cap is still coming... I promise!)

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  1. I am glad that you enjoyed your massage and got Fro yo. Sounds the perfect post marathon treat. I am sure that you will be able to tell that the massage helped you when you wake up tomorrow. I think that 2nd day post marathon is always the worst.