Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today's the (not so) Big Day

Well, today's the big day.

WOW-- I feel SO ridiculous even saying that. Is someone getting married? No. Am I going to a funeral? Nope. Am I up for a promotion or is there some big event at work? No. Another marathon? Nah. Not even a half marathon! Shoot, not even a 5K.

Today's the big day because I'm going to test out running again.

1 mile. That's my goal.

The college I'm working for is having "The Nearly Naked Mile" race.

It's totally for fun... there's not chips or timing or anything. I'm HOPING this will make me be a little less competitive and not try to be an idiot and sprint the whole thing.

Let's hope I remember typing this come 5:30pm tonight when I'm laced up and at the start line.

My legs are just ITCHING to run. I legit had a DREAM I was running last night.

I KNOW I'm making too much of it. I know that. My HEAD knows that. In my HEAD I'm like:
-Ok, even if it does hurt-- that still could just mean you need a little more time off. It will not automatically mean you're doomed to never run again or that you have some life-altering injury (side not: Clearly, I'm not at ALL dramatic).
-Ok, even if it doesn't hurt-- that could just be because it's JUST a mile and the last few times it took til mile 2-3 to hurt. So, don't go celebrating yet. Baby steps.

In my head, I know I should be at least semi-rational.

Then, about 5 seconds later, my mind goes to:
-OMG! If it hurts even a SMIDGE it's the end. of. the. world. INJURED. Officially out for like the rest of your life. You'll never run again. Hope the 1 lame marathon was worth it. Forget 26.2 redemption. You'll never get 1.2 redemption.
-Ok, even if it doesn't hurt-- you're prob still injured. Let's be real. You ran a marathon you were CLEARLY not prepared for so now you're being punished. That'll teach you. Even if it doesn't hurt now, it'll hurt the next time. You'll see.

Clearly, this picture has nothing to do with anything, but it is of me RUNNING... you know... just to remind you I can run. In theory.

Yeaaaah. Crazy. Right here.

I'm trying REALLY hard to stay in mind-set #1 and to just remind myself it's just ONE run. The world will not end. Professional athlete's have been MUCH more injured and have come back. Run of the mill, recreational runners have too. I might be injured. It might be. But, I don't KNOW that yet. And, even if it does hurt today, I still won't KNOW that. And, if I am-- it'll heal. People are resilient. It won't be forever.

I'm going to really try to go into today's run thinking it's just a trial 1-mile feel-out run. I'm going to try to remind myself nothing that happens today shapes the rest of my running "career" and that it certainly doesn't change ME.

So, that's that. I'm nervous and excited and I CANNOT wait. HURRY UP, 5:30pm!!!

On a (semi) unrelated note: I also randomly ordered new shoes from runningwarehouse last week.

I've ALWAYS been a Brooks' girl, but saw these on SUPER sale (less than $50!) and they sounded like a semi-similar shoe (though lighter and not meant for crazy long long-runs) and they were kinda cute in an off-beat way AND they had my size, so I went for it. Enter the Mizuno Wave Precision 12's. They're a neutral performance shoe... I usually go with bit more control and stability, so it'll be a change. I'm wondering if maybe some of the above knee issues might be solved from a change of shoes (though, I should note my current Brook's do not have too much mileage or anything like that and I have LOVED them up to now).

I've been DYING to run in them since they came in the mail Tuesday, but have been a good-runner-girl and have waited patiently. I'm SO excited to try them out tonight. I put them on and walked around in them for a few minutes and LOVED the way they felt. Just thinking about it is getting me runner-geeked-out right now.

I also ordered a LS-tech shirt, but it didn't fit. RANDOMLY there was also a sports bra in the box... I didn't order or get charged for it. SWEET! Or at least that was my first thought. Yeah. It's a 36A. NOT EVEN REMOTELY GONNA HAPPEN. I gotta send the shirt back, so I guess I'll send the bra back with it? It's so random!

On an even more (semi) unrelated note: If you're looking for an inspiring book to read and wanna be just as big of a runner-geek than I am, check this book out:

Dean Karnazes is CRAZY. Like, ran 100-miles at once crazy. Like, runs "at least a marathon a day" most days-- in a row-- crazy. Anyway, it's a really interesting, quick read. He's incredible. Crazy, but incredible. I really enjoyed the book and plan to read it again sometime I need some inspiration.

Ok... back to counting down the day...

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