Thursday, October 11, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Not a whole lot to report today...

I'm going on my very first post marathon run tonight! I'm pretty excited about that. However, I'm MORE excited to be getting to go on said run with a very good friend of mine who is stopping by for a mini-visit on the way to her very first marathon! Can't wait to see her, get a quick run in (I swear I won't go to far or too fast!! I promise!!), and talk ALL about marathons!!!!

Speaking of... this may have appeared on my Facebook page today...

I definitely want to do a spring marathon. That decision's been made. Now, which one??

I THINK I've gotten it down to be between these 2: Kalamazoo Marathon or The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon

Anyone have an opinion??

Kalamzaoo: SUPER HILLY(!!!), early May, cheap, lots of friends/family could come support, not a very exciting course, could drive in or stay with friends

Illinois: I went to U of I so it'd be exciting to see everything and experience that, cheap, late April, pretty much no friends/fam would be there other than the Hubs and we'd likely have to get a hotel (thus negating the cheap part), FLAT and conducive to fast-ness (similar elevation to Chicago, so it'd be good for comparison)

Decisions, decisions!!!

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