Monday, October 15, 2012

Squash, Football, and 2 miles

I had a great weekend, even if there was pretty much no running. We'll get to that.

First, Friday was my first 5am wake up call post-marathon! And, WOWZA-- it was hard getting up. Why is it SO EASY to fall out of habits but SO HARD to fall back into them?? Boo. Didn't help that I KNEW I couldn't run, since my knee was KILLING me still. UGH. I did still go, though, and managed to get in 60 minutes on the elliptical and, at lunch, another 45 minutes of elliptical-ing in. Bleah. SICK of the elliptical already.

Anyway, Friday night the Hubs and I made spaghetti squash for the first time ever!

It was pretty easy. Cut squash. Scoop out seeds. Season with S&P. Put in oven at 425* for about 25 minutes. We also cooked up some chicken sausage, onions, and peppers in jarred marinara sauce (above, bottom left). Yum! The whole thing ended up being delicious and SO healthy.

After cooking (and eating) up a storm, we headed out for a mini-date night.

Cheap theatre movie ($4 for BOTH our tickets combined!) and sneaking in snacks. Win, win.

Saturday was a rest day because the Hubs and I headed to West Lafayette, IN with my in-laws to see Purdue take on Wisconsin in football. Purdue football in the Hubs family is an all day (SO MUCH FUN!) affair, so the gym stood no chance.  

Unfortunately, the Boilermakers didn't fare too well. And, it rained. BOO.

Oh well, we had a great time, despite the rain. PLUS, post-gamewe had an AMAZING tailgate with GREAT food and lots of pumpkin beer. PERFECTION. And, we hung around the in-laws after we got back and watched a movie by the fire. Perfect fall day. LOVED it.

OOOOH! And, I feel like I HAVE to mention my father-in-law offered me s'mores and I TURNED IT DOWN. Me! Whhhhaaaaatttt??  Don't worry. I'm not going crazy and I'm not sick. I had just already eaten SO MUCH food at the tailgate and I was SO full still and it was still drizzling. Boo. Now, I'm craving s'mores.

Sunday I hit the gym in the morning. I started with 1 mile on the treadmill to test the knee. It felt pretty OK, so I was optimistic. I hopped off the treadmill to hit the 9:15am spinning class. Post class I wanted to do 5 more miles to make the weeks total TEN whole miles. Unfortunately, about half a mile in, the knee started yelling again.

UUUUUGH! It didn't hurt quite as much as Thursday, but Thursday I did more distance. Granted, I was going much slower Thursday as well. UGH. I just don't know. I made it to 1 mile and stopped. Trust me, it took all my will power. I JUST WANNA RUN! Argh. SO frustrating.

Luckily (??), the ache-feeling didn't last after I stopped running. On Thursday, my knee hurt constantly til basically Saturday morning. This time, it didn't hurt at all after I stopped running. I'm taking that as a good sign. I'm HOPING it means that I just need to give it more post-marathon time off. PLEASE let that be it.

So, Dr. Hubs mandated no running til Thursday when I have a fun-1-mile run thing at work. I also have a 5K this weekend that I really want to do and a half scheduled for next weekend. Hopefully with a bit more rest and icing every night, it'll heal up ASAP.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I think just taking a couple more days off and icing will work wonders on your knee. Don't count the 5K out yet!
    We tailgated in Seattle yesterday for the Seahawks game. It was a lot of fun and my first NFL game. I had bought pumpkin beer at Trader Joe's and it was absolutely disgusting. I took 2 sips and then dumped it out. YUCK. I love pumpkin beer too so I was super bummed!

    1. Ah! I hope so!! I really, really hope so!!!

      I've never been to a NFL game, but I bet they're fun!!

      Bummer about the TJ's pumpkin beer... I would have expected more from them! Guess this just gives you an excuse to go buy MORE pumpkin beer from somewhere else! :)

  2. EXACTLY!!!! I need to buy some for tailgating this weekend at homecoming. I also might buy the pumpkin vodka I saw and use it in my hot chocolate. :-)