Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Return to Signature Strength!

 Well, it's Tuesday.

Is it just me or is this week already SO long?!?! I walked into my office this morning mentally thinking about what I was going to teach in class today and then I realized it's only TUESDAY not Wednesday, so I don't teach today. Ah! I really thought it was Wednesday too. Crap. It's never good when you're thinking it's a day later in the week than it actaully is. Never.
Anyway-- I'm trying to get back into my 5am gym routine. It has definitely not been easy after over a week of sleeping in til the glorious hour of 7am. So far, I've forced myself up reminding myself that it takes 2 weeks to form a habit. Right? Or did I make that up? Either way, it's been working so far.
So, Monday I dragged my ass outta bed and made my way to the gym. I was PISSED to discover the spinning teacher just didn't show. PISSED. I already don't like this chick and now this? ARGH! Luckily, I had a book to keep me company on the elliptical. Bleah. 65 boring minutes of intervals, done.
After work last night the Hubs and I went for a walk. It was cold and got dark SO early! BOO!!! We covered 5.6 miles in 1 hour and 43 minutes, including a pit stop for fro yo! Unfortuantely, after a full day of NO knee pain... it started hurting about 4.5 miles into the walk. NOOOOOO. Luckily, immediately after finishing our walk, the pain went away. I iced and rested it til bedtime.
Ugh. I am SO discouraged! I am CRAVING running like nobody's business. I was to slip on my Brooks and hit the streets! The weather is PERFECT. All I can think about is a casual, pace-pressure free 10-mile jaunt. Stupid, stupid knee. I'm starting to get significantly worried. I'm trying to remain calm and remind myself I just RAN A MARATHON and my body might just need some time to repair.
Today I again woke up and got the gym before work. Two days in a row! I went to Signature Strength for the first time in over a month. WOOOOWZA. First, I can't stand the teacher. Apprently in my adsence the instructors changed. I loooved the old instructor. She was BA. The new instructor is all rainbows and sunshine. Over that. The new lady is tough still, so that's good... but, I definitely miss the old instructor.
Anyway-- in today's class I REALLY noticed just how beat up my body is still from the marathon. Squats and lunges that used to be SO EASY (granted, they'd leave me mega sore the next day, but still) were SOOOOO TOUGH today. I had to not go as deep and slow down a ton. My legs were FEELING it before the first set was over. Luckily, we didn't just focus on legs today and my arms and abs got a pretty good workout too. I'm SURE I'll be sore tomorrow... and, honestly-- I'm kinda looking forward to it. I MISS that "OMG! I'M SO SORE!" feeling. I miss feeling like I can TELL my body's getting stronger from a good workout.
So, I'm still on Dr.Hub's direct no-running-til-Thursday orders. UUUUUUGH. But, I'm determined not to sit and pout... I'm going to keep up the cross training and some strength. Hopefully Thursday's run feels good. Fingers crossed.


  1. You have a smart hubby. Just remember to take it easy. I take a full two weeks off with NOTHING after a marathon. I might add light spin in the 2nd week, but nothing major.
    This week is dragging by for me too. I still haven't recovered from my weekend. UGH.

  2. I know its tough but keep taking the time off - it'll be worth it. If you're super worried about your knee, go get it checked out in case there is something wrong that you need to rectify. You don't want to do more damage if it's injured. If its just sore (which is totally possible) the only thing that will fix it is REST. So only do stuff that's really easy on your knee...and don't overdo it. Hard, I know. (Well, hard for you. Taking rest days are my personal specialty!) Love ya!