Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (4/15-4/21)

Weekly Workout Recap (4/15-4/21):
Monday, 4/15: 4 miles & 25 minutes elliptical
Tuesday, 4/16: 5 miles & 20 minutes elliptical
Wednesday, 4/17: 3 miles, 60 minute spinning class, 40 minutes run/walk intervals

Thursday, 4/18: 2 miles & 10 minutes elliptical (kinda an unplanned rest day)
Friday, 4/19: 3 miles & 60 minute spinning class

Saturday, 4/20: 5.5 mile s& 30 minute elliptical & 2 mile walk
Sunday, 4/21: 11 miles & 3 mile walk

Totals for Week (4/15-4/21):
33.5 Miles Run

2 Spinning Class
0 Signature Strength Class
40 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
85 minutes elliptical
5 Miles Walked
1ish Rest Day

Wednesday was an odd day. I had every intention of getting a full workout in, but was just. not. feeling. it. at. all. I did 2 miles and then 10 minutes on the elliptical and called it. The weather's been weird here and it was SO hot in the gym. I was DRENCHED in sweat... more than I am usually after a full hour+ workout. Whatever the reason, I was just over it. So, I called it. If after 30ish minutes I'm still not feeling it-- it's just time to call it. Not even a little sorry about it. I'll call it a rest-ish day. I did get a great long run in over the weekend, which I didn't get the week before and likely won't get this week, so that's great. Love double digits!!

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  1. Love that Kara Goucher quote, thanks for sharing. It was just what I needed to read today. :-)