Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walk and Run

Last night after work Sadie and I went out for a walk. It was simply too beautiful outside to not go for a walk.

Seriously-- 75* and sunny with a light breeze... come on, now. Not going for a walk would've been a crime.

Anyway-- on said walk, Sadie was quite the little drama queen. Girl pooped FOUR times. We only did 3 miles. WTF, Sadie?!? That OVER 1 bathroom break per mile. I can't even tell you how many times she peed. Too many to count. Girl loves marking her territory.

(Bet you didn't know you were going to get to read about dog poop today, did you?? LUCKY DUCK!!)

Anyway- while we're talking about weird shit Sadie does (haha... get it... shit... haha), she is SO good with other dogs when we take her to a dog park, but she gets SO growly at other dogs when we're on walks. She'll bark and growl at almost every dog we pass. EMBARRASSING! She sounds like a mean dog and she's not!!! I promise!!! She's so sweet and loving! I think it's something about being on her leash and not being able to get to the other dog and sniff them. Told you, she does some weird shit.

(Yes, the Hubs and I are those people that spend this long talking about our dog. We're those people.)

At the end of our walk, Sadie and I went up this gigantic hill I very intentionally skip on every one of my long runs and, til yesterday, every one of our walks.
Ok, it may not look like much-- but trust me, it's brutal. Turns out walking up it, not as hard as running up it. Maybe I should stop skipping it on walks. Does walking up a hill give you the same leg muscle workout as running up a hill????

In non-dog walking and hill news, guess who hasn't gotten up to workout in the morning the past 2 mornings? THIS KID. I did get up Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday were busts. Wah, wah. Just wasn't happening. However, I did give myself enough time both mornings to do 8-Minute Arms.
I also did it Monday after work. That's right-- I'm 3 for 3 already this week! +1 for me!!

So, while I didn't get up and go to the gym in the morning, I did go to the gym at lunch today and manage to get 5 miles in, even though it was crazy hot inside. I love this nicer weather, but the gym is gonna need to turn the AC on like NOW. It's way too warm outside to have nothing on. Makes treadmill sessions feel like sauna sessions. Not fun. I legit had sweat dripping off my face and legs and arms. My co-workers were THRILLED when I got back. :)

Weather's GORGEOUS again, so can't wait to get home tonight and take Sadie for another walk. Hopefully this time her bowel movements are a bit less movin'. (Yes, I went there.)


  1. My dogs poop and pee everywhere when I take them for walks. I don't get it either. I have one dog that growls and barks on walks too and it is embarrassing. My husband gets really irritate when she does that. At least I have more patience.

    1. HAHA!! Well, I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one!! The Hubs and I actaully get really excited when another dog growls at Sadie and she doesn't respnd. We're like "hey! at least it wasn't you this time!! good girl!!!". We're so weird. LOL.