Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (5/13-5/19)

Weekly Workout Recap (5/13-5/19):
Monday, 5.13.13: 6 miles & 15 minutes elliptical & 40 minute run/walk intervals
Tuesday, 5.14.13: Signature Strength & 15 minutes elliptical
Wednesday, 5.15.13: 6 mile walk with Sadie

Thursday, 5.16.13: Spinning
Friday, 5.17.13: Spinning & 2 miles
Saturday, 5.18.13: None {out of town for a wedding}
Sunday, 5.19.13: 4 mile walk with Sadie and Hubs {out of town for a wedding}

This was a WEIRD week. I was out of the office sick on Wednesday, so definitely didn't feel up to a workout, but did manage to get two 3-mile walks with Sadie in, totaling to 6 miles on my feet that day, which while it's not RUNNING, it's still covering the distance. I'll take it. I really only ran twice last week... making a grand total of EIGHT miles for the week. LAME, I know. It's just that weird in-between weather here right now... too hot to run outside, but they haven't turned the AC on in the gym, so it's even hotter inside. And, I'm a BABY in the heat. PLUS, I was out of town all weekend for one of my BFF's weddings, which took WAY priority over any sort of workout. So, it is what it is. Not my best week. Not my worst week, either. Still got 2 spinning classes, a signature strength class, a solid run, and 2 long walks in. I'll take it.

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