Thursday, May 30, 2013

But, baby it's HOT outside

My brain and I had another rousing game of "Do I REALLY wanna get up and go to the gym at 5am today??" this morning.

Unlike last week, sleep won.

And, ok-- let's be honest... this internal debate happens almost every morning. Some days it's just much longer and a genuine debate for several minutes. Today was one of those days.

Ok, it's not actually cold at ALL... in fact, it's grossly hot and humid, but this shit cracked me up.

So, anyway-- sleep trumped the gym.

Every time sleep wins, when I finally do get outta bed, a mere hour and a half later, I'm mad. I never sleep that great for that short time and I always just KNOW I should have just gotten up. Yet, still. Sleep wins sometimes. What can ya do?

In other news, I'm supposed to run a half marathon in 2 days. WHOOPS. That sucker came outta no where. I ran one 3 weeks ago, so I guess it hasn't been TOO long... but, since that race I haven't run over 8 miles at a time. Again-- WHOOPS. So, now I'm torn. Can I even push 13.1 miles out? Ok, yes. I think I can. Especially with NO time expectations and just running to run, which I PROMISE (for real this time) would be the case. Should I drop down to the 10K? I just don't know!!! Oh, the drama.

So, I think I'm going to wait a bit and see how the weather is that day. Damn, that sounds SO whiney and like I'm such a wuss. Whatever. I'm OK with it.

Right now, I'd do just about anything for Mother Nature to swap Saturday (race day) and Sunday's forecast. I'm working on. She and I aren't exactly tight though, so I have low hopes.

77* and ran isn't great. It isn't TERRIBLE (I guess), but it isn't great. I'll continue to stalk it until tomorrow night and then decide, I suppose.

So, stay tuned. We'll see what happens. Right now, my money is on the 10K, but the Hubs says his is on me doing the half. He tends to be right on these sorts of things. Every time I say I'm going out for a run "anywhere between 10-13 miles" he always banks on 13-14 miles and tends to be right about 99% of the time. Jerk. :) So, we'll see. Time (and weather b/c I'm a BIG baby in the heat and the idea of running for 2+ hours in the rain sounds AWFUL right now) will tell.

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  1. You can do the half! I have a half next weekend and thought I had an extra week of recovery and time to prepare. Ooops. At least I am running slowly this week. The half is super hilly so I might die. I ran zero hills when I was training for my marathon. Crap. :/