Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIAW: With NO eggs!

This is kinda an odd week in the world of food. Ok... maybe not odd for MOST people, but odd for me. See- we ran out of eggs. DANGER. Extreme danger. I eat eggs just about everyday, so I've had to get creative.

Breakfast: 9:15am
Ok, so this wasn't all that abnormal. In fact, this happens to be my breakfast just about A BIG handful of cereal was added to this yogurt about 2 seconds after the pic. YUUUUM.
Lunch: 1:00pm
Ok, here's where things get wack-a-doo. I've had a home-made egg-white salad sandwich everyday for lunch for like 2 weeks straight almost. No eggs = back up plan needed. I helped bring food to a baby shower this weekend and there was SO MANY leftovers, so we kinda split things up. I took a HUGE pan of pulled pork home and a BUNCH of fruit. So, lunch was a banana, watermelon, and some of the pork which I put over some brown rice. Random and a little weird? Yup. Delicious? ABSOLUTELY. So good.

Dinner: 6:30pm
Dinner lately has been a quick version of homemade veggie fried rice w/ 2 egg whites... well, clearly that wasn't happening with no eggs (or egg whites for that matter) in the house. Danger, again. The Hubs and I made a chicken spaghetti dish Monday night. I lost the recipe... but, basically it was mix some cooked chicken, a can of FF cream of mushroom soup, can of FF cream of chicken soup, some low-fat sour cream and a can of rotel together. Combine with cooked spaghetti noodles in a baking dish. Cover with foil and bake at 350* for 30 minutes. Take foil off, sprinkle with any cheese you have in your fridge and then bake 5 more minutes. Serve and EAT. Done and done. It was SOOOOO good. The rotel gives it a good kick though, so be warned.

Dessert: 7:45pm
SkinnyCow Mint Ice Cream Sandwich. So, so, so good. Even better? Eating it while watching another Parenthood episode on Netflix Instant. I'm almost through everything on Instant.... danger.

Snack: 8:30pm
Small, unpictured bowl of air-popped popcorn. Love this snack.

Thus ends my edition of WIAW.... eggless style. 


  1. All of your eats look great! Love that chicken spaghetti :D

  2. A few things: 1) I've been eating veggies like no other and I still have a mega-container of them. I'm going to attempt some fried rice tomorrow but it will essentially be all veggies. 2) No eggs?! This is a crime against humanity! Please boot-scoot it to the store - my heart hurts for you! 3) Does the yogurt keep you full for a long time? 4) the pulled pork over brown rice looks intriguing and what do you know? I have some of that business left too!

    1. 1) LOL! I haven't gotten to the carrots I took home yet (we already had an open bag), but we've been eating the fruit and pork EVERY DAY.
      2) I KNOW.
      3) Depends on the day and the hunger level. Some days, not even close. Some days, it does the job. I think part of it depends how busy I am too. Distraction does wonders.
      4) It was good!!!

  3. Have you tried the skinny cow snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich?! OMG. So freaking tasty! I even put it in a dish and top w/fat free whip cream. It is amazing!

    1. I HAVEN'T!!! But, I am now thinking of every possible excuse to get to the store NOW and get them!

  4. No eggs?! Oh the horror, Ha Ha! :)

    1. First world problem to the extreme, but I never realized how much I LOVE them!! They're the first thing on our grocery list this week!! LOL.