Friday, May 3, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. Someone buy me these pants please?
I'm LOVING green right now and I love this length and fit. Now, on me-- they'd fit nothing like that, but let's not focus on the details.

2. While we're talking clothes, can someone please tell me who is buying this?
Ann Taylor Loft, I usually love you. But, WHO is spending $50 for this? My grandma? Who?!?!

3. Haha. This article. Still laughing.

4. Song obsession of the moment:
This song isn't new, but it's been popping up on my Pandora more and more lately and at first I was just kind MEH on it, but lately I've been loving it.

5. Fav celebrity look of the week:
No one normal or non-famous could ever pull this off. But, somehow-- it more than works on Zoe Saldana. It's crazy and daring, but she pulls it off. Girl looks killer. 

6. NO WAY!
I'm totally guilty of f-ing up many that appear on this list.

7. I'm OBSESSED with graham crackers right now.
We normally don't have them, but I used them in a recipe for a dessert I made for a thing a few weeks ago and earlier this week I broke back into them and MAN! SO good!  Simple and classic. I forget how tasty they are! YUM!! It'll be a sad, sad day when the box is empty (aka: later tonight because I'll eat like 30 of them tonight).

8. When I saw this email in my inbox I knew I was in trouble.
When the words "I knew it" come from the Hubs, I can pretty much guarantee it has something to do with food. Specifically, pizza or cheeseburgers.

So, like a good wife, I opened the email and clicked on the link and sure enough...

I will never hear the end of this.

9. Am I the only person on the planet who's not racing to the theater to see IronMan 3 this weekend? I mean... I want to see it... kinda. As in, I will see it... but, whenever. Not like OPENING WEEKEND OR THE WHOLE WORLD WILL END. Our local theatres are showing it like every 15 minutes. Where are these people even coming from to fill these theaters? Mind blown.

10. I'm working an SAT exam again Saturday morning. AKA: Sit and watch kids panic like crazy while reading blogs on the iPad. Poor kids. They sure get the bum end of that stick.

11. Speaking of movies... I can't wait til this comes out:

Still not like race the the theater on opening night excited, but excited. You know I want to see a movie when I'm willing to fork over full ticket price to see it and not wait til the cheap theater. I'd pay the full price for this one.

12. BIG pat on my own back for actually getting my ass outta bed and to the gym this morning. I'd forgotten what 5am looked like. It's still dark, in case you were wondering.

13. How good does this look?
Mexican-type food is just SOOO good. This looks YUMMY and pretty easy too. Double bonus: not a ton of ingredients and most I likely already have in my house. Maybe a meal to try over the weekend? We'll see.

14. The Hubs got me fro yo last night after we took Sadie for a 4 mile walk.
Seriously. Best Hubs ever.

15. Yup. This.


  1. I love those green pants too! I also don't like that skirt. It is ugly. I won't be watching IM 3 either. Never saw the first two...why start now?

    1. LOVE those pants!!!

      I actually haven't heard of anyone who actually went to see it this weekend, yet it made HELLA bank. Who saw it!?!? Where are all these people?!!?