Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (4/29-5/5)

Weekly Workout Recap (4/29-5/5):
Monday, 4.29.13: 6 miles & 10 minutes elliptical & 2 mile walk with Sadie and Hubs & 8-Minute Arms
Tuesday, 4.30.13: 50 minute elliptical & 8-Minute Arms & 3 mile walk with Sadie and Hubs
Wednesday, 5.1.13: 8-Minute Arms & 5 miles & 3 mile walk with Sadie and Hubs
Thursday, 5.2.13: 8-Minute Arms & 3 mile walk & random plank/lunges/wall-sits workout & 4 mile walk with Sadie and Hubs
Friday, 5.3.13: 60 minute Spinning class & 15 minutes elliptical
Saturday, 5.4.13: 2 mile walk w/ Sadie and Hubs (Rest Day)
Sunday, 5.5.13: 13.1 miles (Kalamazoo Half Marathon) and 5.5 mile walk w/ Sadie and Hubs

Totals for Week (4/29-5/5):
24.1 Miles Run
19.5 Miles Walked
1 Spinning Class
25 minutes of elliptical
1 Day Random Workout
4 8-Minute Arms
1 Rest Day

This week was kinda odd. Decided last minute to do the KZoo Half on Sunday, so that was a nice way to get a long run in. Walked a TON this week, as the weather was gorgeous. Definitely haven't been running as much as usual lately, but still getting miles in. Trying to keep it up to 25ish/week on average, which I was pretty close to this week.

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  1. How did the half go? I am impressed you walk 5.5 miles after running a half. I would be on the couch all day.