Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (5/6-5/12)


Weekly Workout Recap (5/6-5/12):
Monday, 5.6.13: 60 minutes elliptical
Tuesday, 5.7.13: 8-Minute Arms & 4 mile walk with Sadie and Hubs
Wednesday, 5.8.13: Spinning & 40 minutes run/walk intervals

Thursday, 5.9.13: 8-Minute Arms & 40 minute run/walk intervals
Friday, 5.10.13: 30 minutes run/walk intervals & 35 minute elliptical
Saturday, 5.11.13: 5/3 River Bank 10K Race
Sunday, 5.12.13: Rest Day (1 mile walk w/ Sadie)

Totals for Week (4/29-5/5):
6.2 Miles Run
5 Miles Walked
100 Minutes Elliptical
110 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
1 Spinning Class

Yeaaaaah. So, about this week. Just wasn't happening. Nothing else really to say. I legit didn't run a single mile all week til the 10K Race Saturday. It was a busy week and I wasn't sleeping great so getting up at 5am just wasn't happening. It certainly wasn't ideal, but I did still manage to do SOMETHING most days. Meh. It is what it is. Next week'll be better.

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  1. We all have weeks like that. I am sure that this next week will be a million times better.