Friday, May 31, 2013

15...err... 12 Thing Friday

1. I'm supposed to run a half marathon tomorrow and feel so incredibly ill-prepared. I may drop down to the 10K. I haven't decided. The "plan" (if you can call it that) is to simply wake up tomorrow and see how I feel. This is SO un-Meagan like I can't even describe.

2. Look I'm obsessed with:
I don't know why I love this so much, as I'm usually not a big long skirt kinda person, but it just looks so summery to me. Love the pattern and the color and the sandals and all of it. Love.
3. Still obsessed with Parenthood.
Seriously though... this show is just GOOD TV. Even the Hubs likes it... and we RARELY agree on TV. If you haven't watched this show, Netflix it. Now. You'll thank me.


4. The Hubs and I are making this pizza this Sunday.

I use the term PIZZA loosely, as the Hubs does not count anything other than traditional pizza (oh, and apparently it also MUST have at least 2 meats he just informed me) as PIZZA. Everything else, to him, is "pizza". Crazy man. Anyway-- this looks delicious. I'm pumped.

5. Speaking of food, while we were talking about the above pizza, we started talking about what to have with it. I said a salad, like one of the traditional Italian place salads w/ an Italian dressing and cheese. Anyway-- we got into an argument because I said Italian places use iceberg lettuce and he said romaine. Now, we'll use whatever lettuce we want and obviously romaine is healthier... but, I'm just saying... I'm right... right?!?!

6. This article is SO right.
Seriously. I have seen guys wear this shirt. Someone spent MONEY to buy this shirt. WHHHHHY?!?! Why is this funny? Has anyone ever in life, EVER fallen for this? No. Burn that shirt. Immediately.

7. I took Sadie to get her nails trimmed at PetsMart this week. Turns out, it is NOT easy pushing a cart, trying to put a GINORMOUS bag of dog food (because I had to pick up more since I was there) into said cart, AND not run over Sadie while she pulls her leash like a crazy dog. Oh, and all of that-- IN HEELS. While I have no pics of her nails (b/c that would just be weird) or of me trying not to break a leg or one of her legs in the store, I will put a pic of Sadie. Because she's just too cute not to.

8. Song obsession of the moment:
Forever ago, when my BFF and I went to see Jason Mraz, Christina Perri opened for him. I never really paid that much attention to her, though I did like her "Jar of Hearts" song. Well, after seeing her perform I was HOOKED. I could listen to her CD all day. I'm anxiously awaiting her second CD.

9. The Hubs birthday is next week. I have to make part of my gift today. Yes, MAKE. Yes, it requires the use of markers and construction paper. And, yes-- it's going to be AWESOME.

10. Seriously-- what did I do before I discovered BuzzFeed??? THIS. Who needs to know this?!?! But, yes-- I read (and loved) it.

11. So, this happened this morning...
WTF, spinning teacher? You teach EVERY Friday. This isn't new. How you just gonna NOT show up?? Not cool. So, I did 3.5 miles on the TM and 30 minutes on the elliptical. It was CRAZY hot and gross the cardio area too. I sweat BUCKETS. Bleah. Now, I'm crabby. Aren't workouts supposed to put you in a BETTER mood? Not today, friends. Not today.

12. Speaking of not today, I got nothing else. It'll have to be 12 Thing Friday.

I'm out.


  1. I bet your spin instructor had too much fun on "thirsty Thursday".

    I love everything maxi right now. That skirt is totally something I would wear.

  2. I really want a maxi dress also. Unless it's free, it's not in the budget.

    1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! It totally published my comment!!!!!!!! I had to try like 4 options before it would work, but I actually put in the effort this time. :)

  3. Our husbands seem so alike! Joshua feels the exact same way when it comes to what a pizza is. He doesn't do the whole veggie thing, Ha Ha!

    Good luck w/ whatever distance you end up doing <3