Thursday, May 1, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I admit it. I'm an emotional mess lately.

While I am so, so ready to be family with the Hubs again and so beyond done being a pseudo single parent, I am also sad to leave the life we created in South Bend.

I was driving by the hospital we had Bailey at the other day and thought "I won't get to drive by this all the time anymore!". And, then I realized we're leaving the house we brought Bailey home to. And Sadie home to!

Needless to say, while I'm excited to move and have some of the last's I mentioned before, there have also been/will be a lot of sad "lasts", too.
Also sad? My goodbye party from work! So bittersweet! I'll miss my co-workers and my job!

The most sad? Easy. Hands down, leaving our daycare. Finding good daycare is HARD. I searched MONTHS to find one. I was so nervous to leave B with someone I didn't know.

Well, turns out, I love, love, loooove Bailey's daycare provider. It was SO hard to leave Bailey with a stranger and go back to work. And, please don't misunderstand me- I am BEYOND EXCITED to get a little extra time at home with her (& I think it speaks VOLUMES that out of everyone I've told our situation to, the older women ALWAYS tell me to take my time finding a new job and just enjoy this time with B-- and, I plan to take their advice!). But, I will miss Bailey's daycare and her teacher. Very much. We've bonded in a way I never imagined when we started. I will legitimately miss chit chatting with her everyday. I will miss her. And, I will definitely miss KNOWING Bailey is in great hands and cared for like family while she's away from me all day. She has been wonderful to Bailey and to our family and she will be missed. Simple as that.

Anyway- I wanted to share the goodbye present we got for her, as I thought it was pretty cute! After numerous Pinterest searches, here's what I came up with...

I bought a plant (with a cute, bright and cheery duckie vase... perfect for a daycare and for a gift from a baby!) and attached a note that says "Dear Miss Bev, Thank you for helping me GROW! I will miss you very much! Love, Bailey".
Get it?? GROW. Because plants grow. Get it?!?! SO clever. Thank you, Pinterest!
Then, using PicMonkey, I made the below print which reads "It takes a big heart to help shape little minds" and framed it. 

I can take no credit for the originality of either idea, but I thought they were super cute, so wanted to share.

Anyway- if you're ever looking for childcare in the South Bend, Indiana area-- let me know. I've got a great one and she'll be missed.

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