Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day!

So, I haven't gone into a ton of detail about our big move because the Hubs is all "you gotta be safe!" and stuff.

Explanation- the Hubs actually moved to our new apartment in NW Indiana a few weeks ago and Bailey and I have been solo at our house in South Bend, Indiana since (hence the whole not telling the entire internet that Bailey and I were all alone in our house here). The Hubs had to start his new job, but the health insurance at his new job doesn't kick in til the 1st of the month after you start, so not til May. We're on my insurance now, but it ends the last day of your employment. So, since we're responsible adults with a child and all, we decided we NEEDED to stay on health insurance, so B and I would stay in South Bend and I'd keep working my current job until we were picked up on the Hubs new insurance. Anyway- long story short, we've been living apart for a few weeks. Thankfully, tomorrow is my LAST DAY at my current job which also means it's a few other "lasts"...

-Out last day of being a split up family! So, I know most these points are kinda the same, but they're different enough to merit their own attention. We're a FAMILY and not living together or seeing each other every day is NOT FUN. Over it.

My whole world is in this one picture.

-My last day being without the Hubs! Turns out, I still really love and like him, so I sorta kinda miss that guy. Just a smidge.
An old pic, but look at those dimples! How can I not miss this face??

-My last day being a temporary single parent! To say caring for Bailey alone the past few weeks has been a challenge is an understatement. I have a WHOLE NEW respect for single parents and have NO IDEA how someone does it while working full time. I thought it'd be easy and I'd have SO MUCH TIME to get shit done. Yeaaaah. I haven't done ANYTHING. I get up, get ready, drop B off, work all day, pick her up, play, put her down, go to sleep (often w/o even eating anything because I'm so tired), and repeat. EXHAUSTING. I am SO glad this temporary stage is OVER.
One good thing about the past few weeks? Bailey FINALLY got her feet in her mouth! Lol. Girl has been working on this for WEEKS!

-The Hubs last day being a single guy. Ok, ok-- he wasn't single. Obviously. I mean- he had Sadie! :) No, really... he's been solo the past few weeks and I know how much he's missed Bailey and I.
I cannot get enough of this picture. LOOK HOW TEENY SHE IS and OMG he is in love already. I die.

-My last day without Sadie! Not sure if you know this, but I'm pretty obsessed with my dog and while she drives me bonkers, I've missed her like crazy!
THIS FACE. Omg. I miss this face.

-My last day of being employed out-of-the-house-employed. While I JOKE that I'm becoming unemployed, I will still very much have a job. HELLO. Her name is Bailey. And, it is every bit a J-O-B. But, this does mark my very last day of having a paying, out-of-the-house job. Hopefully (for our bank accountant) there's a soon-to-be first day of a new out-of-the-house job not too far in the future. Til then, I'll enjoy every second of "leave 2.0" with my little girl I can get.
Ok, so maybe I won't miss the never ending paperwork, meetings, and constant to-do's of work.
-My last day having to pump NUMEROUS times a day! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Seriously. SO EXCITED.
Someday, I will go all Office Space on this blasted machine.

So, here I go! So ready to be back with the Hubs and a family again. Lots and lots of changes and super scary, but so, so ready. Wish us luck!

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