Friday, April 4, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. The Hubs and I are re-watching the entire Lost series. Mostly because it's impossible for us to watch any TV show live, since we usually get to watch about 15 minutes at a time max right now. Fun times. Anyway-- dude. I forgot how great season 1 (yes, we're still on season 1... remember the whole 15 minutes thing?). Amazing.

PS- Team Charlie. Forget Team Sawyer or Team Jack. I'm Team Charlie. Love.

2. All my clothes pre-preggo were WAY to big for me at the time. I legit wore some of the pants almost my entire pregnancy. Again, WAY to big. While my body is definitely a different shape post-baby, I am down to my pre-preggo weight. So, none of the clothes fit. Again. I got rid of LOTS of it after I had Bailey, determined to get clothes that fit. So far I've added 1 pair of work slacks and a pair of jeans. I need more clothes. Anyone wanna donate to the buy-Meagan-a-new-wardrobe fund?

3. This cracks me up. I want to be BFF's with these ladies. For real.

4. I bought a pair of kind-of-skinny mustard-yellow pants while I was on maternity leave while shopping with friends (including this girl). I'm obsessed with the idea of them. They were on sale for like $15 so I got them... but, I'm just not sure if about WEARING them. I'm not sure I can pull them off.

5. I admit it. I just don't like the winter Olympics. I legit only watched about 30 minutes TOTAL of the Olympics and that was only when I was at someone's house and it was on their TV. I just don't get it. Summer Olympics? Sign. Me. Up. Winter Olympics? Where's the remote??

6. THIS article. I love. I am so not this parent... yet. I'm working on it. I aspire to be a CTFD parent.  

7. It took a few runs, but I am FINALLY starting to get that "I GET TO RUN!!!" feeling back instead of that "Ugh!! I HAVE to run??" feeling. Now, not EVERY run is all WAHOO but I'll take each one I can get!

Words cannot describe how angry this makes me and how much it makes me want to move to Canada.
9. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE this song.

10. I'm obsessed with this shampoo and conditioner. 

It's amazing and only like $2 each. Seriously. It gets my hair so smooth. I don't even have to use moose or gel or a frizz cream anymore.

11. Summer Shandy is back.

All is right with the world again.

12. Love her. Love her look. Love her dress. Lover her hair. Love, love, love.

13. Truth.

14. I am OBSESSED with this CD.
I realized I already mentioned Christina Perri and my borderline stalker love for her. But, I thought I'd say it again. Do yourself a favor and download this CD. You'll thank me.

15. Weekends have a WHOLE new meaning now that Bailey is here. Weekends mean FAMILY time! Before I had Bailey I thought I looked forward to the weekends. And, I suppose I did... but, it had NOTHING on how much I look forward to them now.

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  1. I think I'm going to start the Lost series soon! I only watched the first season back in the day yet people are STILL talking about it! It must mean something. Also, wear the mustard pants, they look really cute on you. You could wear them with blue, black, grey, red - so many options! I'm also glad you are slowly buying some clothes that fit better, this always makes me feel better.