Monday, April 14, 2014

On the Move

Life has been crazy the last few weeks. Isn't everyone's all the time? But, it's been a little extra hectic around these parts lately. Why? Well....


A few weeks ago the Hubs was offered a new job in NW Indiana about 90 minutes from where we live right now. It's a great job, a considerable raise for him, and just a great opportunity for him. Too good of an opportunity to pass up.

If only the decision making process were that easy. Ugh. We kinda suck at big life decisions. SO MANY UNKNOWNS! SO MANY WHAT IF'S!

This is what our house looks like right now.  

I am a planner. My wedding had an excel timesheet. I bring printed lists of questions to Bailey's doctor's offices. I like to research things and make logical, well thought out decisions. It's SO HARD for me to make decisions when so much is unknown.

What if the Hubs hates the new job?
What am I going to do?
But, we LOOOOVE our current daycare, what if we never find one we like as much?
Where will we live?
Will our stuff fit in a new apartment?
Or should we buy a house right away?
What if we hate the new city?
What if I never make any friends?


It didn't help us make our decision to know that, despite the Hubs raise, I would be going jobless and when you take out my salary, we'd be making less combined than we are now. Even factoring out the cost of daycare (b/c our current daycare is SO affordable... did I mention that I LOVE our daycare?!?!). That was a TOUGH pill to swallow.

Boxes everywhere!!

And, speaking of losing my salary, I was (and STILL AM!) SOOOOO nervous at the idea of being UNEMPLOYED. I've had a job everyday since I was 16. Every. single. day. I work. It's what I do. I'm good at it. I have a strong work ethic. I enjoy work.

At the same time, I MISS Bailey every single moment I'm at work. The idea of getting extra time with her is AMAZING and makes me giddy.

But, it's still scary. We're a 2-income family. What if I can't find a job? What if it takes me a year? What if it makes less than I make now? What if I hate the new job? WHAT IF I CAN'T FIND A NEW JOB???

Turns out, diaper boxes are GREAT for books!

But, after lots of soul searching, budget crunching, mini (ok, maybe not so mini) panic attacks, we decided to take a leap of faith and go for it.

We're taking a chance. We're leaving our comfort zone. It's scary and nerve wracking and exciting. Big rewards come from big risks. You're never going to get anywhere if you don't try new things. So, we're going for it. This job sounds like a GREAT opportunity for the Hubs. When you're married and one partner gets a new job in a different area it's pretty much impossible for the other not to be unemployed for a while. So, I'll be unemployed while I job search. Well, not really unemployed... not employed out of the house is a better way to put it. I'll have Bailey, which is the MOST IMPORTANT job. And, I am beyond excited to get some extra time with her during this "Leave 2.0", as I call it.

I mean... as long as me and the Hubs have these 2 girls with us, what's the worst that can happen? And, how can I NOT be super pumped to get to spend extra time with my 2 favorite girls?? Sign. me. up.

We've found an apartment and the move is in progress. I'll keep you posted as we transition through this crazy process. Moving with a newborn and a dog is going to be anything but smooth, I'm sure. Luckily, I'm kinda a pro at moving, as I've never stayed in the same place longer than 2 years for my entire adult life. Now that the decisions been made, we're in the GET SHIT DONE phase and I pretty much rock at that, if I do say so myself.

So, here we go. It's going to be a bumpy few weeks, but nothing we can't handle. Wish us luck!

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  1. Congrats on the move! You are a pro at moving, not to mention an efficient person. It will be and is a nutty time but life is built on risks. Plus leave 2.0 is going to be great! I still think you should work at a gym - you would be amazing!