Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIAW - Moving Edition

Time for another fun round of WIAW!!
What is WIAW? Check out this blog to learn more.
 The last few days have been quite interesting on the food front, as we're mid-move. Our fridge and pantry look like this:

Yes. You see right. We have beer, eggs, brown rice, 1 tortilla, a can of soup, PB2 and lots of condiments. Clearly the ingredients to a great meal right there.
So, I've been eating mainly out of the freezer. For one, most of our kitchen is packed up so I have very limited means to actually COOK and for two, it's easier to eat stuff than move stuff. Obviously.
So, let's get to it... WIAW - Moving Edition...

Cinnamon raisin toast and coffee. Bailey has decided lately that she is WAY TOO COOL for sleep so that means lots and lots and looooots of coffee for me.

 Frozen meal FTW. This was actually an impulse buy at Target and turned out pretty good. It was super flavorful, which is usually not the case for frozen meals.
Eaten WAY too late, as Bailey was just NOT having the whole go-to-sleep thing. I was BEYOND famished and scarfed this thing down in about 2 bites. Oh, and that beer-- 2 words: MUCH NEEDED.
Snack (throughout the day): 
Lots and lots and lots of handfuls of this trail mix. Too many handfuls to count. An embaressingly high number of handfuls. We'll just leave it at that. This stuff is DANGEROUS. Dangerous and DELICIOUS.  
Clearly a VERY healthy day... but, hey- it could have been WAY worse. It is what it is the next few weeks. Moving is just so hectic and crazy and life is even crazier right now and I have zero energy to waste worrying about food. Hopefully my body doesn't start to revolt at the lack of fresh, quality food. We'll see!  

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