Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Little of this, little of that

I'm in a random mood... go with it....

This weekend I got out for a run Sunday morning. The first mile, I hated it. I just kept telling myself I could turn around at the 1 mile mark. I got out later than I prefer (a whopping 7:30am-- woah, Meagan, that's SO late!) and I was just not feeling it. I was slow and my legs felt heavy. Luckily, by the 1 mile mark my head got in the game and while my legs never did quite follow suit, I still managed 5.5 miles and loved every second (well, every second after the first mile).

After my run, the Hubs and I took Bailey and Sadie for a walk.

The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 2.5 miles later and we did some errands and then decided to do it all over again and went on another (different) walk. 5.5 miles total of walking for the day. Add in the 5.5 mile run and it was my first double digit day (albeit not all running, but still!) in MONTHS and MONTHS. Just what my soul needed.

Moving on to other randomness...

I have been surviving on a combination of hummus, pretzel chips and reese's eggs. Excellent life choice. 

My purse is a DISASTER. Seriously. Inside includes, but is not limited to: some paper work for the Hubs, 2 sets of headphones (1 of which only has 1 ear that works), empty zip lock bags (yes, plural), random cash, hair ties, a broken pen, gum, my wallet, and some pictures of Bailey. Disaster.
We had a "Breakfast Top Chef" competition at work last week and I WON! 
I made a new to me recipe based largely off this one. Apparently, it's a winner. Like, for real.

And, because no random post is complete without a little Bailey...
Seriously... I want to eat those cheeks.

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