Friday, April 11, 2014

Runch, I love you!

Seriously, though. Does it get any better than 5 miles in the middle of the day over your lunch hour (aka: runch)?

Well, yes. Yes, it can. Yesterday I had one of THOSE runs. How can it get better?

You can have views like this:
(and, for the record-- yes, those are both UP HILL... yes, I did do HILLS. Woah.)

And, you can have a sky that is as clear as this:
And weather like this:
(and, ok- I get that this might not look great on paper... but, it's a great temp, it was a great combo of overcast and sunny, and ok, the wind wasn't so great, but after the winter we had-- I'LL TAKE WIND OVER SNOW ANYDAY!!!)
Add all this together and I am one happy girl.

Life can be stressful. Mine is definitely pretty nusto at the moment. Taking 50 short minutes out of the day to zone out and just BE is amazingly wonderful. Thank you, runch. We may have our little tiff's... but, you never let me down. Runch, I love you!

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  1. Nice pace! I see you have jumped right back into your speed! Yep, the weather has been beautiful here too. It makes running so much more fun!