Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Phew! Can you believe it's Tuesday?? This weekend FLEW by!

While everyone else was celebrating a crazy long 4-day weekend, I was at work Friday. Boo!

But, it wasn't all bad. Backing up a bit...

Wednesday I had to drive the Hubs to O'Hare, as he was flying out to Idaho to visit his best friend for a man-weekend (he LOVES that term).

The drive to the airport was less than stellar.

Bumper to bumper traffic took the usually 2 hour drive to almost 3 hours. We got to O'Hare with less than an hour before the Hubs flight took off. Whoops! Luckily, he made it and only had to knock one person over as he ran for his gate and was in Idaho in no time!

While he was flying to the land o' potatoes, I got to have dinner with one of my BFF's who lives in Chicago.
Me and M at our other BFF's wedding this past June.
I was STARVING by the time I made it (after getting stuck in traffic AGAIN!) and devoured an enormous steak dinner. YUM!!

After fighting a bit more traffic (thanks for that, Chicago!), I finally made it home Wednesday night to these waiting for me...

Awww! The Hubs is so sweet!! There may have also been some candy that was eaten before it knew what was coming. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Thursday morning I was up at a ridiculously early hour (think: the 5am hour), ESPECIALLY for a holiday! But, it was for a good reason... the Schoolcraft Firecracker 5 Mile Race with this kid.

Amy and I stuck together through the race, thank goodness! It was H-O-T and, like I already mentioned, my knee wasn't cooperating. We took it easy and kept the pace slow, so it was OK. Confession: I enjoyed just chatting with an amazing friend WAY more than running and it made it feel like no time at all. I could have run 5 more if I got to keep chatting with her.  

Combining running and amazing friends?? What more could you ask for!

After the race, Amy and I grabbed a super fancy McD's breakfast and then parted ways. Someone help me convince her to come live with me so we can hang out everyday?? Thanks!

The rest of the weekend (minus working Friday-- BOO!) was a blur of errands, cleaning the house, spinning, and long walks.

Luckily, I had this girl to keep me company all weekend.
Seriously. That face gets me every time. can we please talk about the fact that her "eyebrows" on one eye are dark and on the other white? Love. I'm obsessed with her.
Oh! And, I made a decision!!! With all of your help and words of "get-your-shit-together-and-just-quit" (though all of you said it MUCH nicer than that), I did it. I quit. Well, I signed my stupid 30-day notice. Seriously, why do you have to give notice to a GYM? It's not like they have to do anything for you to stop coming except stop charging my credit card every month. Anyway, I signed the cancellation form and will officially no longer be a member as of August 6. GO ME! Now... let's hope I don't regret this decision... :/
I headed back to Chicago (and, yes-- HIT MORE TRAFFIC!! Arrrrrgh!!) Sunday to pick the Hubs up. I made a pit stop at Ikea (was a bust... didn't really get anything) and Trader Joe's (got so much good stuff!!) before his flight landed. Luckily, after getting him we were traffic free on the way home. And, that was the weekend! We didn't get home Sunday night til almost 9pm, so after a quick snack (I've been SO HUNGRY lately-- I think this lil' bean is having a growth spurt or something) I hit the hay.

Fun, busy, and exhausting weekend! I'm definitely glad the Hubs is home!!
Oh! And, he brought me a treat from his treat...

Nothing but class at our house. :)


  1. Super sweet :) Thanks for the kind words - I would totally have sold myself short without your help. I had a great time! Sooo... how is the cow poop?! Also, in that picture it looks like Sadie is smiling!

    1. So, what I'm learning from this is we just have to run ALL our runs together, ok?? :)

  2. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Very sweet of the hubs to leave your flowers and candy and bring you cow poop from Idaho. :-)

    Glad you had a fun race, but that is a an early wake up call for a 5 miler!

    1. Thanks! Yep... the Hubs is a keeper! :)

  3. Cute!
    Our last experience at O'Hare was two years ago. ne had a flight cancelled on the way out and had to stay an extra 6 hrs, causing us to miss our next flight. We ended up taking a flight to an airport five hours from our destination, renting a car (which is very expensive one way!), and going a night without our luggage. On the way back, we ended up stranded at O'Hare for an extra night!

    1. BLEAH! That sucks!!! O'Hare is the worst!!!!!