Friday, July 5, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. Song obsession of the moment:

2. My headphones broke. Again. I'm so mad. So, I went to my back-up, half broken (aka: only 1 ear works, the volume doesn't go up, etc.) stash and found this disaster.
Took me like 20 minutes to get it all untangled. SO mad.
3. Take my advice. Skip this . 
I love banana flavored anything. Banana pudding- love. Banana Laffy Taffy's- LOVE. This yogurt- do NOT love. Ew. Skip it.

4. This article. Hahaha. Buzzfeeed, you never disappoint.

5. Let's talk some celebrity fashion. Good news first?
Blake Lively. Love the dress. Different, but not TOO different. Love the metallic color and the fit/shape. Love the big statement necklace too. Love, love, love.
 6. The bad news:
Now, I love me some Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's hysterical and super likeable. However. BIG however. WTF, Jennifer? Seriously. The pants, the shirt, even the sunglasses... I mean... HUH??? I just don't get it.

7. So, my knee.

It's been a whiney, little bitch lately. Ok, more than a little bitch. A big, giant bitch. Hurts basically all the time. Walking, standing-- HURTS. I tried to ignore it. I even gave it a WHOLE week run-free. Still hurts.
8. Because of #7, me and this guy are BFF's lately again. At least we have been for 2 days. It should TOTALLY already be working, right???
Oh, foam roller, how I haven't missed you. Even a little.

9. Remember how I'm preggo, right?? Well, this happened the other day.
Silly, Hubs. Expecting a preggo woman to have leftovers. Silly, silly man.

10. Speaking of preggo.... I got this DVD for free!
Free!!! I'm planning to try it this weekend. We all know, yoga's not really my thing... but, I'm gonna try. Really. <Someone hold me accountable, ok??>

11. Sadie picture, because looking at that face has gotta make your Friday a little better.

12. Speaking of Friday... I have to work today. BOOOOOOO!!!!! Everyone I know has off and here I am. Stuck in the office. BOOOOOOO.

13. Even WORSE about working this Friday.... Gym #1 is closed, even though the University is open. Add that to the Con list for Gym 1. And, no, I still haven't decided what to do.

14. Started watching New Girl a few weeks ago... I HATED the first episode, but was on the elliptical, so gave episode #2 a try and now, I'm HOOKED. Love it.

15. Ok, ok-- so this is about the day before a holiday... but, I think it has a nice ring to it if it were about the day AFTER a holiday... like today.


  1. What do you watch New Girl on? Do you have to pay to watch it? I couldn't find it on Netflix and Amazon Prime was going to make me pay to watch it. Help! I love this show! And maybe Jennifer L was dared to wear that outfit?! Let's hope because that thing is terrible!

    1. I watch it on Netflix Instant... I think they just added it not too long ago. Maybe check again?

  2. 1. I have been obsessed with that song too. It gets put on repeat a lot.
    5. Love that dress on Blake. That necklace is awesome!
    6. Oh Jennifer. Fire your stylist....
    9. Your hubs shouldn't expect leftovers for a while :-)