Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIAW: 2nd Trimester Style

It's Wednesday!!! You know what that means... time for What I Ate Wednesday. Below are all my eats from Monday, July 1. I should warn, I've been HUNGRY lately. Like, marathon training style hungry. I make no apologies.
Breakfast: 8:45am
Greek yogurt and knock-off Special K. Take that handful and multiply it by like 12.
Lunch: 1pm
Grapes, carrots, and some brown rice with 1 TJ's spicy jalapeno chicken sausage link (all drenched in Siracha and soy sauce). Water to drink.

Snack: 3pm
Apparently lunch did NOTHING to hold me over, as my stomach was literally growling by 2:45pm. I thought I could make it to dinner. And then, I held out til 3. Whoops. Snack was a English muffin with crunchy PB and honey. Yum!

Dinner: 6pm
Yep. Classic mac and cheese. From a box. And, no-- it's not organic. Trust me, it was BEYOND delicious. Eating it on the couch while watching How I Met Your Mother re-runs and Sadie chilling in the background made it all the better.
Dessert: 7-8pm 
The Hubs surprised me by bringing how a box of one of my favorite candies-- DOTS! Yuuuum. Love them. I definitely ate about half of this ginormous box over the course of the evening. So good. 


  1. I didn't even know you were pregnant, Meagan! Congratulations <3

    1. Haha! Just announced it! :)

      Thanks! :)