Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby T: Week 16 & 17

Week 16

Size of Baby: By Week 17, lil' girl/guy is the size of a large red onion, coming in at about 6 ounces! Crazy!!! Even crazier?? According to the What to Expect app, during week 17, the baby will grow to be the size of my open hand. That's HUGE!!!
My hand (obviously) shown next to my coffee cup for comparison. SO CRAZY!!
I mean... look at that! Something that big is IN MY BELLY. Seriously. The whole idea is just mind blowing to me.

Symptoms: More round ligament pain and headaches and lack of sleep. Nothing new and nothing worth complaining too much about.

Weight Gain: Haven't had another doc appointment, so not sure of official gain... but, I'd guess about 5 pounds. Maybe 6. Damn mac and cheese!

Workouts: Still going! Lots of walking, ellipticalling and even a few miles running! The knee is still being a pest, but I think the foam rolling is paying off. I'm trying to do 8-minute arms a few times a week too... gotta keep (aka: develop, since clearly now I have none) some muscles so I can carry the baby when it comes!

Food Aversions: Nothing really. Veggies haven't been appealing, but aren't vomit-inducing either. In fact, hot coffee has even made a reappearance in my life. MAYBE things are getting back to "normal"??

Food Cravings: More mac and cheese, I swear I could eat it by the bucket-full.

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Movement: Still haven't felt anything yet.... cannot wait though!!! Should be any day now.
This is kinda what I imagine he/she'll look like the first time I feel a nice, swift kick or jab to the belly... and, I CANNOT WAIT!!

Waiting For...: We're finding out the gender in just a few weeks. SO excited!!!! I REALLY don't plan or want to go PINK or BLUE everything. What I plan NOT to do:

But, turns out it's freaking HARD to plan without knowing! Seriously. I don't know how people don't find out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the bean is cooperating at our next doc appointment so we can find out!! 


  1. LOL...LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of your "swift baby kick" - HILARIOUS! It does feel kinda like that, but it will be a while before it feels like that....it will start much more chill and adorably small in the beginning! Enjoy the time, it goes by fast love!


  2. I could eat mac & cheese everyday too!