Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby T: Week 18 & 19

I'm ALMOST half way there!!! Sooooo crazy!!!

Week 19... there's a tiny bump-- FINALLY!!! Ok, ok... so I've ALWAYS had a bump when I wear this empire-waist dress, but hey-- there's a bump there nonetheless!

Size of Baby: Dude. Every week I continue to be AMAZED at how big the lil' bean is growing. The idea that he/she legit grew from NOTHING to now, at 19 weeks, the size of a large heirloom tomato is BEYOND mind boggling to me. I honestly cannot wrap my head around it. The baby now weights about 8-9 ounces.

Milestone/Anything Exciting: At 19W1D, the first person (who already knew I was pregnant) told me I finally LOOKED pregnant. It was the same day I snapped the above pic. The next day the same person told me I didn't look pregnant anymore. Win some, lose some. I can definitely FINALLY see a bump. It's just it just came outta nowhere all the sudden. I still have that "did you gain 5 pounds or are you preggo??" kinda look, but I'm sure in a few weeks it'll be a full on "WOAH! Look at that preggo belly!" look. Kinda excited for it. :)

Symptoms: Lack of sleep. Still. Again. Still. Bleah. Seriously. It was decent for a week and then went right down the drain again. On average I'm getting about 6 hours a night, waking up at least 10 times throughout the night to re-arrange, use the bathroom, or just because. Way over it.

Weight Gain: Last I weighed myself at the gym I was up 4 pounds. We'll see what the next doctor's appointment says as the official weigh in.

Workouts: Still no running... stupid knee. But, still rocking the elliptical, walks, and 8-minute arms/other strength sessions.  

Food Aversions: None really. Salad still doesn't sound super appealing, but not too terrible.

Food Cravings: Nothing super specific or so strong that I have to have it RIGHT NOW.

Stretch Marks: None... new, that is. I already have stretch marks, thank you very much... so, I'm sure I'll get more at some point. I'm OK with it.

Movement: Still haven't felt the peanut. I'm sure it'll happen anytime now.

Waiting For...: First movements and finding out gender!! We find out soon!!


  1. Can't believe you are already half way there! Are you both already guessing on the gender? Can't wait to hear what the baby is. :-)

    1. I KNOW!!! Time just keeps FLYING by!

      I have NO guess on gender... the Hubs thinks it's a boy (though he said girl for the first several months). We find out soon!!

  2. I'm loving that adorable little baby bump I see there!!! =) YAY!!!!


  3. Definitely a bump. LOVE IT! You look so cute. :)