Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bailey: 2 Year Update

I'm way late. Bailey turned two in November. Woah. Even typing that kills me. Hooooooow does time go so incredibly fast?!?!

Age: 2 years old

Size: I *think* she was about 27.5 pounds at her 2 year check up. Ugh! I'm so mad I don't know for sure. I'll be better about that.

She's in mainly 24 months clothes. Some 18 month and some 2T, just depending on what hand-me-downs we have laying around.

She's now potty trained (What?!?!? YEP!!!! I know! Don't worry... a full post about the potty training process coming soon), but when she turned 2 she was in size 4 diapers.

She does still wear a diaper to nap (though she's been dry through nap about 90% of the time) and bed (she's dry about 40% of the time). We're working our way through the leftover 4's and 5's at night to give a little extra room.

Sleep: Well, in November when she was actually turned 2, sleep was going well. She was sleeping from 7pm-7am like clockwork. She was napping from 1-3:30ish, pretty well too. Sometimes it'd take her a bit to fall asleep, but generally she was a good sleeper.

Oh, those were the glory days. The wonderful pacifier days.

Those days are over.

Ok, I'm being dramatic. We literally just this week got rid of the paci. Girl started biting through them. That's an understatement. She was destroying the paci's. And destroying them fast. She ruined one in a couple weeks and then the next in 2 days. That's when we knew it was time to get rid of it. We're in the middle of that process now, so I feel like it's not quite fair to say sleep has gone to hell. It'll get better. The first night paci-free was actually great! The second night, there were more than a few tears. I'm confident we'll get back on track. We're still on a 7am-7pm schedule with a 1-3:30pm nap. Or at least that's the plan. Keep your fingers crossed.

We're still going strong in the crib and I have no intentions of moving to a regular bed anytime soon. Girl will go to college in a crib if I have my way. She sleeps with lots of stuffed animals and blankets. Her stuffed Minnie and duck blanket are by far her favorites, but she doesn't have a lovie or anything like that.

Food: We stopped nursing when B was around 14 months. She's now eating 3 solid meals a day and, while she would LOVE to snack ALL DAY LONG, I try to limit her to 1-2 snacks. She LOVES chicken nuggets, string cheese, any kind of fruit, waffles, pancakes, bacon, salami, goldfish crackers, ice cream, and fruit snacks.

She loves milk and juice (which she got for the first time while potty training and continues to ask for it nonstop ever since). She's generally a decent eater. She's not a red-meat fan and won't touch a hamburger to save her life. Veggies are hit or miss, though she's pretty good with peas, corn and broccoli and raw carrots and cucumbers if she can dip them in ranch.

Generally I try to take the parent decides what and when we eat, child decides how much they eat rule. About 75% of the time Bailey is served whatever the Hubs and I are eating for dinner and she can then choose if and how much she eats. I'll generally also give her fruit and/or cheese, as well.

-Shows. I limit her TV time a LOT. I try very hard not to let her watch tv 2 days in a row and to limit it to one show a day. Of course, sometimes best laid plans go to hell, but I do try. We're not a tv-on-all-the-time-even-just-in-the-background kind of family. Generally, from 7am-5pm, the TV is simply not on. If we're coming home from somewhere close to nap and I want to keep her awake in the car, I'll let her watch a show (Mickey Clubhouse or Sesame Street) in the car. But, generally-- that's it during the day. If the Hubs gets home before 5:30pm and he and I do a workout at home together, she'll watch a show while he and I workout. ANYWAY-- girl LOVES tv. Every, single day she asks for "shows". Many, many times. It's out biggest battle ground right now. Super fun. Her favorite show, by FAR, is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves Paw Patrol and the Leep Frog stuff on Netflix, too.

-Minnie Mouse. She's in love with Minnie. All day, everyday. Minnie. Minnie. Minnie.

-Princesses. Much to my dismay, B is a full fledged girly girl.

-Dolls. Again, she's a girly girl. She LOVES to play with baby dolls-- read to them, give them pretend bottles, carry them around in a pretend car seat, whatever.

-Sadie. They are BFF's and I love it.

-Going to bed/nap without a paci (ugh)
-Being told no. Of course. She's a typical toddler.
-Not being understood. She's a good talker and I can generally understand most of what she says, but still sometimes she knows what she wants but can't articulate it well enough for an adult to understand.

Nicknames: B, Peanut Butter, Bugs, Baileybug, Stinkabink, Silly Billy Gilly Girl

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