Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day! What a FABULOUS holiday!! Now... who can I talk to so we all get the day off work next year? I feel like it's legit federal holiday material. You?

Anyway-- hope you get some miles in today. I got 5 miles on the treadmill this morning, which is the first time I've run since the half marathon this weekend (I know I still owe a recap on it... it's coming, I promise!). I tweaked my knee (the other one this time! argh!!) so I took 3 non-run "rest" days. Today's run felt great! I kinda love that haven't-run-in-a-few-days-so-now-weeeeee-isn't-this-so-fun-and-easy feeling you get after some rest. LOVE.

So, in honor of National Running Day, I thought I'd share a few reasons I Run...
-because I can
-to remind myself I'm capable of more than I think I am
-for pure joy
-to get a solid workout in with minimal time required
-to sweat
-because it reminds me how much my body is capable of
-because running helped me learn how I am (OMG- trust me, I know how cheeseball that sounds, but it is true)
-because it's hard
-so I can eat that 2nd piece of cake and not feel guilty (I admit it!)
-because I can 100% do it on my own with no one's help
-because I can think when I run
-because I love it... even when I hate it

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  1. I agree that today should be a national holiday. :-)