Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baby T: The Details

So, now the secret's out! All the skipping of workouts, bleah moods, lack of posts (due most of the time to being just too tired to type and/or having a hard time explaining things without... well, explaining things!), and races dropped to a lower distance hopefully now make sense!

While I promise this blog won't turn into ALL BABIES ALL THE TIME, I can't not talk baby SOMEtimes. So, bare with me and another baby post.

Here's the basic details on Baby T:

How far along are you?
I'm almost 15 weeks along now, which puts us at the beginning of the 2nd trimester.
Really bad, i-Phone 14-week pics. I've JUST started noticing a little bump, especially at night.

Were you trying? When did you find out?
Yes! We started "trying" just after the marathon, so since October-- about 6 months. We had been married for a year at that point, and both knew it was time to start trying to expand our family.

I found out on Wednesday, April 10. I knew I COULD start testing a few days earlier, as my period was expected to start that Saturday. But, I also knew that every month before that I drove myself totally bat-shit crazy by starting to test too soon and constantly getting negative after negative. In fact, I was CONVINCED this month would be negative too, so I didn't take one. Wednesday morning I didn't go to the gym that morning and something got into me and I decided to just test then and get the negative over with. So, I peed in a cup and then used a Dollar Tree pregnancy test. I walked away and finished blow drying my hair. I was 100% sure it would be negative so I didn't even watch the test or set a timer or anything. After my hair was dry I went back into the bathroom to get something and looked down at the test sitting on the counter, just to confirm the negative. A SMALL, FAINT 2nd line was there. Or was it? I wasn't sure. It was SO faint, I thought I was hallucinating it. So, I did what any logical woman would do. I started chugging water and took another test, this time still a cheapy test, but a little nicer than the Dollar Tree one. Another line, less faint, but still not super strong. I started FREAKING OUT. Could this REALLY be happening?? NO WAY. So, I took ANOTHER test. A pricey + or - sign test. (Yes, we did have 3 different types of tests in our house... yes, I am crazy.) . A CLEAR and distinct + sign. WOOOOAH. I started crying and looking down at my belly. It's just the craziest feeling to KNOW something is growing inside of you for the the first time.  

What was your first reaction?
Absolute disbelief. Like, in my head we'd been trying for so long (in reality, it was REALLY not that long and I know that... now) and I'd gotten so used to NOT seeing a second line, I honestly couldn't believe it. I SWORE I was hallucinating. Which lead to the above explained OCD re-testing frenzy. When I finally believed it... I cried. It's just SUCH a surreal feeling to know, for the very first time, something-- a BABY, a PERSON-- is growing inside of you RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. Totally an un-explainable, amazing feeling.

How did you tell the Hubs?
I knew I didn't want to tell the Hubs via text or phone and he was already gone for work, so I decided to wait til I got home that night to tell him.

Ok, so we've determined I'm crazy right? Well, the rest of the day I convinced myself the tests all showed false positives because I peed in a cup, then tested, instead of peeing right on the stick.  So, I bought another test (a REALLY nice one this time... one that would read "PREGNANT" or "NOT PREGNANT") on my way home from work. CRAZY. I know.

When I got home, I immediately raced upstairs "to change", as I told the Hubs. Yeah, really I was in the bathroom peeing on a stick. Directly on the stick. (When I later told the Hubs my worry about me taking the test by peeing in a cup first and being worried that messed it up he said "What-- did you think the CUP was pregnant?!?!") PREGNANT. Again. Still.

MONTHS earlier I ordered a Purdue onesie, wrapped it, and hid it in hopes of giving it to the Hubs when I found out. So, I went and grabbed that and then called the Hubs. He replied "yes, dear?" obviously annoyed that I was yelling at him from across the house. Love. I yelled at him to come here and when he came into the Den I handed him the wrapped gift and told him I found it when I was in the closet this morning and totally forgot I had gotten him it for valentines day and forgot to give it to him. He was mad because we agreed not to do valentines day gifts. Goof. So, he unwrapped it... and kinda stared at it. He said "awww!" but clearly didn't get it. I then handed him the test that read "pregnant" and he screamed "REALLY?!?!?" and gave me a HUGE hug. Lots of hugs and excitement filled the rest of our night. :)

When are you due?
December 17, 2013. Christmas time baby!

How are you feeling?
Meh... so-so. Definitely comes in waves. I had a TON of intense cramps at the beginning. Enough to make me call the doctor because I was worried. Doc said it was nothing to worry about and that cramps were normal, especially at beginning while body is adjusting and making room for the baby. Have had lots of gas too. HOT, I tell you. I haven't had TOO much morning sickness (I threw up twice in the first trimester) and my energy, while less, hasn't been TOO bad lately (though during the first trimester it was AWFUL. I was SO tired all. the. time.). Morning workouts are getting fewer in favor of extra sleep, but it's not like that didn't happen all too often before too. My biggest complaint has been lack of sleep. I wake up most nights at about 2am and have a hard time falling back asleep. And yes-- I know... great practice!

Will you find out the gender?
Abso-freaking-lutely. I legit do not understand how anyone can not find out.

Are you still working out? Have workouts changed?
Yup! I talked to the doctor and she gave me the all-clear to keep doing what I normally do, but just less intense. Basically, she said do what feels good and don't do something that feels bad or off. She said a general guideline is to keep the level at more of a comfortable level where I can easily carry on conversations. So, that's what I've done. I've been running, spinning, ellipticalling, and going to signature strength (though not doing the ab work). I'll keep running til it doesn't feel good and keep doing other things for as long as I can. I really want to stay active during pregnancy. I've read SO much about how great it is for the baby and labor and and definitely for recovery post-labor. But, if my body just isn't having it at some point, that's OK too. I'll listen to my body (and my doctor) first and foremost.
Thanks for the "Congrats on getting knocked up" gift, K!!

Any names picked out?
Nope, not yet! I don't think we'll really start talking names til we know gender. Even then, I don't think we'll pick-PICK til we see the lil' bean.

Have you heard a heartbeat?
Yep! Twice. Most amazing sound ever.

Any cravings?
Not really. One day in the first trimester all I could think about was a bagel and cream cheese. Another a cheeseburger. And, more recently cereal (think fruit loops, not some healthy Kashi brand or something). None of them have been SO STRONG I needed it RIGHT THEN or anything. But, I definitely did fulfill each of those cravings at some point. :)

Not really. Bacon (the smell, the idea, the look, anything) kinda grossed me out, but not to the point where I couldn't be around it without puking or anything. Hot coffee is more of a miss than a hit right now too.

What foods/drinks have you given up?
I'm not drinking any alcohol (obviously), cold deli meat, sushi (ew! no loss!) or soft un-pasteurized cheese. I've drastically limited my soda intake and will now only occasionally have a sprite or diet sprite. I also basically gave up caffeine. I'll steal sips from the Hubs diet pepsi every now and then, but those are few and far between, and that's it (ok, other than chocolate. Let's not go crazy.). I think that's about it! Thank goodness ice cream is still allowed...

So, that's that for now! Stay tuned for more updates and this lil' peanut keeps growing!


  1. Awesome! So happy for the both of you and so exciting as well. Can't wait to actually see the bump next week!

  2. YAY again =) It's all so worth it...and the weeks go by SO FAST...enjoy this truly special time, every second of it darling!!! <3