Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby T: Boy or Girl??

The Hubs and I have our BIG doctor's appointment TODAY (!!!!!!!) and we'll FINALLY (hopefully!!) get to find out if we're having a baby girl or baby boy!!

Now, if you know me at all you know it was NEVER even a question of if we'd find out the gender of our baby. Come on now. I can't NOT find out. No way. Out of the question.

Now, if you REALLY know me, you know I couldn't even wait til that appointment to find out. So, like any normal, rational preggo, I googled it and took a bunch of random "gender prediction" tests. Let's see what they think I'm having....

Parents Magazine Quiz:

The Fortune Baby Quiz:

The Just Mommies Quiz:
Really, Just Mommies?!?!? A whopping 50% chance of predicting I have a boy. I mean... duh.

So, apparently all the quizes say we're having a boy! The Hubs thinks we're having a girl. I have NO idea and no inkling either way. With all that... I suppose all that's left to say is we'll see what's what later today!

Sorry, but you will all have to wait a couple days for me to spill the beans here. Be patient-- we gotta tell family first! :)


  1. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR!!!! =) Dave says you're having a boy - and I think Archer would love that too!!

    Happy Appointment Day - Enjoy it!! XOXOX!

  2. Can't wait to hear how your appt. went. I say girl too.