Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (7/29-8/4)

Weekly Workout Recap (7/29-8/4):
Monday, July 29: 8-Minute Arms & 1 mile walk
Tuesday, July 30: 30 minute elliptical & 1 mile walk
Wednesday, July 31: 60-minute Spinning Class & 1 mile walk
Thursday, August 1: 45-minute Signature Strength Class & 20 minute elliptical
Friday, August 2: 45 minute elliptical
Saturday, August 3: 4 mile walk and 30 minute elliptical
Sunday, August 4: 9 mile walk
This week has been a little slow. Work's been busy, which limits the mid-day workouts. My last day at my old gym is 8/6, so I really, really gotta start getting in the routine of going to the gym AFTER work on the days I can't get there in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, we have plans after work pretty much every day this week so the routine definitely won't start this week. Oh well! Next week it is!

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