Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I got to run!

Wait for it....

Wait for it....

So, yesterday I RAN.

I know.

I'll give you a second to get over the shock and pick your chin off the ground.

Ok, hopefully you've recovered and your heart rate is back to normal.

Yes-- I ran! Successfully overall. I mean-- I actually RAN, so any way you spin it, I'd say that's successful.

I had a dentist appointment at 3pm yesterday, so I left work early to head to that. Turns out, during pregnancy your body chemistry can get all jacked up (shocker!), especially in your teeth (who knew?!?) so my doctor suggested an early 2nd trimester teeth cleaning. Luckily-- all at the dentist was good news (which like NEVER happens). No cavities and everything looks great! 40 minutes later and I was on my way.

I got home at 4pm and immediately knew what I wanted to do with my suddenly free hour. I mean... with weather like this, what else could I want to do??

Seriously-- is it October or August?!?!? Mother Nature, you're on crack and I like it!
10 minutes later I was laced up and Sadie and I were out the door! RUNNING. Out the door RUNNING. Woah. I was a little surprised my feet remembered how to move, it's been so long (ok, 1.5 weeks but who's counting?!?). Luckily, they did remember. However, that's NOT to say it was easy.
I mean-- WOAH.
That run was rough. Rough and slow. My breath was labored MUCH more than usual. My feet felt like they had weights tied to them. But, it didn't matter. The sun was shining. There was an amazing breeze. And, I was RUNNING. Best news maybe of all? NO knee paid! ZERO. WAHOOOOO!!!! I got to RUN. GOT to. Not HAD to. I was lucky enough that I GOT to run.
There's the belly! To help the belly be more comfortable when running I wear a "belly band"... I'll do a post soon on running/exercising when preggo and explain why/what then!  :)

Ok, ok-- yes, I walked. A lot (for me). But- to be honest, most of those runs was because SADIE seemed like she forgot how to run... well, either that or she was in a sniffy mc-snifferson mood and wanted to stop to sniff around every tree/bush/person/light post/object/single piece of grass we passed. But, it was good for me. It MADE me slow down and cut myself some slack.
4 miles later, we were back home.

Best running partner ever... even if she does make me stop to pick up her poop. :) 
What was my pace? How long did it take me? Excellent questions. Answer: I have no idea. Yep, I ran naked.

No Garmin. No iPhone tracking thing. No nothing. I know a 4-mile route from my house by memory, so I know distance but I honestly have no idea how long it took me.

And, to be honest-- I don't really give a shit. Me. And, I'm 100% honest. Like, I really, really, really did not (and still do not) care.

I was/am kinda shocked how little (or, really how not at all) I care. I was happy to be running. Simple as that. I think not wearing the watch a watch REALLY helped. And, I think I just kinda know I'm lucky enough to be able to still be running at 22+ weeks pregnant. I can't be stupid and worry about pace or distance or anything other than making sure I feel OK while running.

I think my running fast days are over... at least til post-baby, that is. I think my running non-stop, without breaks days are over... again, at least til post-baby. I think my worry about pace and distance and all those things I used to obsess over are over.

And, I kinda love it.

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  1. Happy that you finally got to run. Even though the first run can be tough, wasn't it just plain amazing?! When I was coming back I also ran naked. Pace shouldn't be the focus. Great job!