Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby T: Week 20 & 21

20 weeks
Size of Baby: Week 20 the bean grew to the size of a banana. That is just freaking mind boggling. I swear, the lil' thing must have also had a growth spurt the past few weeks because I have been STARVING all the time.

21.5 weeks. This is actually in the maternity pants... I didn't end up wearing them that day, but they do make the bump look extra cute! ;

Milestone/Anything Exciting:  We found out the gender!! Baby T is a girl!!! We also got her crib and a few outfits (Goodwill's 1/2 off sale! I got 10 outfits, 4 hats, and 3 books for $11!!). SO fun to be able to start picturing HER and her room and all things baby related. Love.
 On left: An outfit the Hubs and I bought. It's a little mouse!! On right: An adorable little oneside that my sister got me... it's a lady bug!! SO cute!!

Symptoms: My face looks like a peperoni pizza. I'm talking hard core breakouts. Gross. My lips have been chapped like WOAH lately too. I've never had chapped lips before, so it's definitely weird and a pain in the booty. But, that's about it! No complaints. I'm feeling great!

Weight Gain:  At the doctor's office at our 20 week appointment, I was officially up 5ish pounds. I'd say by now, I'm up 6ish.

Workouts: I ran! OK, ok-- not far and not fast, but still! Running is making a SLIGHT reapperance. The elliptical and walking have still been my favorite the biggest means of getting a workout in. I wish I was running more, but it is what it is. I'm just glad I'm still getting workouts in, however they happen.

Food Aversions:  Nothing specific.

Food Cravings:  Give me a ginormous bowl of pasta (any kind, really) and I'm a happy, happy girl.

Movement: Yes! I felt her for the first "official" time right around 20 weeks... though I think looking back I felt her a little before then, but just wasn't SURE so I didn't call it movement. But, now-- there's NO denying it. Girl moves A LOT. The Hubs even got to feel one of her crazy kicks once. It's pretty much the most amazing feeling in the world.

Milestone: I could have parked in the expecting spot!!
Yes, I do count this as a milestone, even though I didn't park there. I'm weird. We know this.

Other than that (and ya know, the whole feeling her kick for the first time and finding out gender!!) I'm still not in maternity clothes. I did wear maternity pants one day to work and the maternity jeans that evening. Dude- they just feel weird. They're constantly falling down. I feel like a 16 year old boy with sagging pants! So, I'm back to normal pants for now, while they fit. For the record, my pre-pregnant pants were (clearly) WAAAAAY too big before getting pregnant, so, yes, I am aware that this isn't normal. No, I am not not gaining enough weight. I'm perfectly healthy. Promise. The regular pants are starting to feel tight (well, at least I actually have to button/unbutton them when taking them on/off now), so something tells me I'll be in 100% maternity wear for everything sooner than later.

Waiting For...: Putting the crib together and getting started on baby girls room. We aren't doing a fancy nursery, as we're renting and won't be in our current place for that long, but we are making it her room. We got her crib (a generous gift from the in-laws... thank you!!), mattress, and bedding. I recently picked up a few other things, too. I'm eager to get it all together and see what it looks like (nesting, anyone?), but I know it's still early so I'm trying to hold off a bit so I have something to do through the pregnancy and not just sit and wait the last few weeks going bat-shit crazy. Shhh... don't tell me I'll go bat-shit crazy either way. Let me live in denial. :) 

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  1. Baby girl stuff is sooooo fun and cute. I love the little mouse outfit. Can't wait to see how you decorate her nursery. I have seen some great themes lately.