Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 7/7-8/2

Weekly Workout Recap: 7/27-8/2

Sunday, 7/27: Jillian Michaels "Shape Up Front" DVD & 5 mile walk (split into 2 walks)
Monday, 7/28: Jillian Michaels "Shape Up Front" DVD 
Tuesday, 7/29: 3.5 mile walk
Wednesday, 7/30: JM30DS & 2.5 mile walk
Thursday, 7/31: JM30DS & 4 mile walk & 3 mile run
Friday, 8/1: 2.5 mile walk
Saturday, 8/2: None

Well, hello there, August! When and HOW did that happen??? Cannot believe it's already AUGUST. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Anyway- decent week. Lots going on, so I'm just glad I got a few workouts in.

Oh, and I rented a non-Bob/non-Jillian workout DVD from the library. MISTAKE. The person leading it was just so annoying. And, they try to get WAY to complicated and fancy with all these combination moves and stuff. I'm far too uncoordinated for that. I mean, I fall while walking in dry weather in flats. Come on now. I'll stick w/ Bob and/or Jillian for a while, I think.

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