Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gym Lately

We have a dangerous situation going on over here, guys.

See- I've been going to the gym. Like, almost every week day. PS- Isn't it crazy how weekend used to be my big guaranteed workout time and now its weekdays? Life, man. Life. Annnnyway-- I've been going to the gym. And, I sorta like LOVE it.

We knew this would happen. Or at least I knew this would happen and I think if you asked the Hubs he'd say he knew it was gonna happen too.

Every morning while drinking my coffee while Bailey plays with whatever toy is THE toy of the moment,
or ALL the toys

I check out that days group class schedule. 
Why yes, I did print the group class schedule and then highlight the ones that would work with Bailey's nap schedule. I mean, obviously.
So far, I've tried a handful of classes:
Duh-- and, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed at least in the one I've gone to... music is too soft and the instructor is BORING. I'm gonna try a different session.
-Weight Training: Love it. Great sweat session and good to do some strength. I'll admit I've been neglecting Jillian since joining the gym and this makes me feel a little less guilty.
-Step and Sculpt: Oh, I had high hopes for this one. And, I'll say it was both good-- actually left me pretty sore the next day (though I imagine that was due to using too heavy of weights than the actual class, but still)-- and very, very bad-- I was the only person under 60 in the room and it was a special one night only karaoke sing along class. Seriously. That happened. Of course that would happen. 
I'm hoping to try a Pilates Matwork class and maybe a Boot Camp class too.
Besides classes, I've also been treadmilling it up a lot. And, the elliptical has seen a little action too. Yep. Still as boring as ever.
I've hit the indoor track once so far and will definitely be back on that.

Oh! And a new love-- the rower. Ok, maybe LOVE isn't the right word. That thing is HARD! And kinda boring. But, it's infinitely more interesting than the elliptical and gives my legs a workout in a different kinda way and an arm workout, all with some quality panting-cardio. Love.
So, yes. I have been gym-ing. A lot. And I couldn't be happier. Oh, except with Bailey cries when I drop her off. BREAKS MY HEART. But, that's part of why I'm going. I realllllly want her to be OK with being with other people. Some days, she's 100% fine when I drop her. Others, screaming crying. Ugh. Either way, they tell me she's 100% fine within 2 minutes of me leaving. Rascal. Good thing she's so stinkin' cute.
But, anyway-- this is a danger situation. The while loving it thing. See, this gym membership is only TEMPORARY. Maybe. :)

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