Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gym Membership!!

Guess who has run TWO DAYS in a row????

(And, pretty decently-OK runs at that! The 3-mile one I ran a 10:15 first mile, so I really picked it up miles 2 and 3. Plus, I ran that WITHOUT music because I forgot headphones. Clearly I'm outta practice. The 2-mile run I started slow, too, and just kept picking it up. It was just after a spinning class and my legs were jello. It was HARD and I was PANTING. But, I looooved it. Plus, I was rocking out o the new Taylor Swift. Pretty sure I was dancing and smiling the entire time while running. No shame.)

Waaaaaittt--- that looks an awful lot like a treadmill???? IT IS!!!!!!!!

Who would have ever thought I'd be so excited to GET to run on a treadmill!?!?! But, I am!!!! SO excited!!! TWO RUNS in TWO DAYS??? WAHOO!!! Of course, now my right quad is pretty pissed at me, but it's nothing a little lot of stretching and foam rolling won't fix.
So, hooooow am I treadmill running?? No, we didn't win the lottery and buy a treadmill. I did, however, get a gym membership!!! WAHOO!!!
OK, don't get too excited. It's a temporary one. My town is running a special to help people keep fit over the holidays and is offering a membership to EIGHT (!!) different local gyms from 11/2-12/31 for $25!! WHAAAT?!?! That's hella cheap. Well, obviously it didn't really matter at first because I have Bailey and can't really run on the treadmill with her just chilling next to me. (Side note: If you knew Bailey you'd know she doesn't just chill--- ever. LOL) Buuuut, one of the gyms -- the YMCA-- includes 2 hours of FREE childcare (while you're at the gym-- you don't even have to be working out-- you could be showering or just chilling in the lobby reading)!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAT?!?!? Sign. Me. Up. Seriously. I was probably the first person to buy their pass.
So, I bought it (DUH!) and we've already gone twice. Bailey's done really well in the childcare.
A completely unrelated pic of Bailey because I'm obsessed with my kid and can't do a post without a picture of her. Duh.

She LOVES to play with other babies and while I obviously LOVE to workout and go to group classes (I've already done a spinning class!!), another BIG reason I jumped at this was to give B some time AWAY from me. Maybe that sounds dumb, but she and I spend pretty much every single moment she's awake together. I think it's really important for HER to learn and figure things out and just be without me attached to her hip. Or ya know-- without her attached to my hip, I suppose.
Anyway- I'm in love. The gym is awesome. Big! Clean! Did I mention the FREE childcare??? Love. It's crowded. I've already bumped into 5 different people I know in a cumulative 2.5 hours I've spent there. But, I don't mind a crowd. If anything, more people give me more energy and push me harder. So, I'm REALLY digging it. Unfortunately, a regular membership to the gym is pretty pricey, so I don't think we'll be able to continue it after the end of December... but, we'll see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed at least a few more months will be my Christmas present (wink, wink, Hubs)! :)
Get ready for some more workout related posts coming your way soon. :) :) :)

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