Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving, The Plague, Turkey Trot, and More!

Well hello there 2+ week hiatus. Whoops. What can I say-- life happens. And time just keeps flying by faster and faster. I mean, how is it already DECEMBER?? Whaaaaat?? No. Freaking. Way. It was just summer like yesterday, wasn't it? I swear, fall did not exist.

Anyway-- I'm back. Or at least back-ish. Back for today. :)

Life's been crazy as usual. Bailey caught a bad stomach bug (aka the plague) the week of Thanksgiving. SO MUCH VOMIT. Like, real, grown up vomit. All of me. Over and over. And it was BRIGHT RED because she ate cherries for breakfast. FUUUUUN.
Poor bugs!! And, your welcome for sparing you from the pic of ALL THE VOMIT. Yes, I took a pic. Duh.

Fun, fun times. I swear I can still smell vomit on me. Shudder. Poor girl just did not feel good and was just all sortsa out of sorts. Tired and clingy and crabby and couldn't get comfortable and didn't wanna nap. It was SO MUCH FUN, let me tell ya.

Yes, she did lay this way for numerous minutes and Sadie just sat there and took it. Such a good doggie!

Then, of course, she gave it to me. FUN! We were both feeling OK by Wednesday so we decided to do the trek down to the St. Louis area for Thanksgiving with my fam. After a not-very fun drive where I still felt like I was gonna vomit and Bailey was still a little outta sorts (aka- cried and screamed for half the drive), we made it in 1 piece Wednesday night.

I woke up early Thursday and ran a cold and icy 5k Turkey Trot.

I wasn't wearing my Garmin... ok, I was but it didn't find satellite at all during the entire run. LAME. Anyway- I think I finished in about 31 minutes. Given the icy roads and the fact that this was my first outdoor run in months, I was pretty happy with it.

Of course, the Hubs woke up Thursday sicker than sick and puked IN THE SICK. True love is your wife cleaning your vomit out of the sink while you sleep the day away. No wonder I still swear I can smell vomit in the air. Poor guy had to miss Thanksgiving dinner. Don't worry-- we saved him lots of yummy leftovers and he woke up Friday feeling much, much better.

Friday morning we all woke up and walked in a local parade to help some family friends hand out candy. SO MUCH FUN! But, OMG! So hard to not hand ALL THE CANDY out in the first 2 seconds. Too many cute kids watching the parade BEGGING for candy.

Of course, Saturday my older sister woke up sick. Then Sunday my other sister felt crummy. WHOOPS!!!! Next time, we'll just stay home instead of spreading a tummy virus across state lines. Whoops. Sorry all!!!! At least it only seemed to last 24-ish hours.

Sunday morning after my little sister took off (and later got sick-- sorry again!), we went to breakfast with my older sister and nephew and Bailey saw Santa for the first time!!

The restaurant was having a Breakfast with Santa thing that we did NOT go to (because we already have tickets to do a b-fast with Santa this coming weekend), but Santa and Mrs. Claus just happened to walk right by our table on their way to the big breakfast and they stopped and said hello. So fun!!! Bailey was SO interested in Santa. She couldn't stop staring at him. It was SO cute! YAY for the holidays!!!!

We made it home Sunday night and are slowly getting back in the swing of things. Our fridge is emptier than empty so Bugs and I are off to re-load. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Oh no! So much of the sickness! I love that pic of B in her footie Jammies & where she outright staring at Santa! Happy Thanksgiving!!