Thursday, February 18, 2016

Two Thing Thursday

2 Thing Thursday

Two Things I'm Watching:
1. The Walking Dead on Netflix. The Hubs and I were on the hunt for a show we could watch together, as sorta mini-date nights in once a week after Bugs went to sleep. We watched one episode of this and the Hubs decided he wasn't into it but I liked it. I mean, it gives me nightmares but I'm into it. So now I'm watching it solo at the gym or during nap.  
2. Jessica Jones on Netflix. This was the next show the Hubs and I tried on our date night quest and we both liked it. We're almost through season one.

Two Things I Bought:
1. Taco Sauce. We're having taco night and I realized we were out. You can't have tacos without taco cause!
2. Mint flavored toothpaste. We went over the weekend and the Hubs grabbed the toothpaste. It wasn't til we got home that we realized he grabbed cinnamon flavored. Not happening. I exchanged it for mint and all is right in the world again.

Two Pics of Peanut Butter:

Two Things I'm Eating Lately:
OK, this is really just one thing. I've been doing protein shakes for lunch. I'd lie and say it's because they taste so yummy, but that'd be a big, fat lie. I'm trying to clean up my eating (& shrink my waist) before gorging myself on the cruise the Hubs and I are going on in a couple weeks.

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