Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day In the Life: 8 Weeks

These days, my life looks almost nothing like it did 8 weeks ago, so I thought it might be fun to capture what it looks like today...

Sometime between 2-3am (I set my alarm for 3:30am and she's NEVER made it all the say to 3:30am... Someday!) I hear Bailey start stirring over the monitor. We moved her to her crib in her nursery a few weeks ago and she did really well. I think she's too little to know any different, so hopefully transitioning to the crib will be 1 less battle we have to fight. Famous last words. :) 

Anyway- I give her a few minutes to see if she's really starting to wake up or just a little sleepy-stir. Usually she's waking up, so I get up and nurse, change her diaper, and re-swaddle her. I don't really talk to her (except a few "Mommy loves you!"'s) and there's no playing during this time. I keep the lights very low, as well. The idea is to get her to know this is JUST a feeding time and then it's time to go back to sleep right away. She's honestly doing really well with this concept. It usually takes about 45 minutes to nurse her and change her diaper.

From 3ish to 6:30am it's time for SLEEP! Glorious, glorious sleep. :)

About 6:30am is wake up time! Sometimes I have to wake Bailey up, but usually she's just starting to stir/wake up sometime around 6:15-6:30am. I go into her nursery, turn on the lights, sing her a wake up song, change her, nurse her, and change her outfit, all while talking to her and playing music in the room. Again, trying to get her to understand that it's now daytime which means we're gonna play and be awake. Usually this takes about 40 minutes.

After we finish with nursing and diaper changes usually it's about 7:15am and it's playtime! We almost always do some tummy time during this wake-period, as she's always the most happy during this period. Sometimes we read a book, sing songs, etc.

The, at about 7:30am, it's naptime! I usually check her diaper again to see if she's dirty, the re-swaddle her, pop her paci in her mouth, rock her for a few minutes, and then set her in her crib, hopefully while she's awake, but drowsy. Sometimes she falls asleep really quickly and easily. Sometimes, I end up going up and down the stairs to put the paci back in her mouth 10 times. 

Between 7:30-9am-ish is my time! Well... sorta. I make some breakfast (oatmeal, as it helps w/ my b-milk supply) and then eat it while pumping. Not everyone pumps while nursing, but I exclusively pumped while B was in the NICU, so I got used to it. Now I keep it up so the Hubs can give her a bottle and to start a freezer stash for when I go back to work. After pumping, I try to clean up a bit, wash the pump parts and random paci's, and sometimes even get a shower in (we're on the every other day plan). Sometimes I do laundry during this break too.

Sometime around 9-9:30am-ish to 10:30am Bailey wakes up! Time to nurse, change her diaper, and play til 10:30am. Then, Bailey naps again til about 12:30pm. During her nap, I pump again, do more laundry/picking up, sometimes work out (loving Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred, even though it KICKS MY ASS every time) or take a nap. 

Bailey starts stirring again at 12:30pm, and it's time for another nurse/diaper/play/sleep cycle. By 1:30pm-ish, it's time for another nap. This is usually her toughest nap. Usually she takes a while to go down and needs a little more rocking, but eventually- she does fall asleep. While she's sleeping I pump again and make/have lunch. Lately, that's been a cheese omelette and carrots and an apple or left overs and water. LOTS of water. Who knew breastfeeding would make you SO THIRSTY?

Usually Bailey starts crying about 2:30pm. Again, this is usually her worst nap. I know she's still tired, so I try to play the paci game or pick her up and let her nap on my chest. Either way, we make it to about 3:30pm, when it's time to nurse/diaper/play again. By 4:30, little girl is ready for another nap. This is OUR nap... It's my favorite time of day. I let her nap on my chest and we just snuggle. Lots of kisses and "I love you!"'s. LOVE this nap.

5:30pm comes way too fast which means our snuggle time is over and it's time to nurse and diaper again. Right around now, the Hubs gets home from work, which is great! He is a great daddy and jumps right in to help right after he walks in the door.

After we finish with this nursing/diaper session, I try to put Bailey in her swing or bouncy seat so the Hubs and I can eat dinner (usually leftovers of something we make during the weekend or an easy freezer meal). Usually this is a big, fat fail and more often than not, the Hubs eats while I hold Bailey, then we switch. This is Bailey's fussy period for SURE. Sometimes from 5:30-7:30pm we can't put her down at all without her crying.
At 7:30, we start our "bedtime" routine: I nurse her while the Hubs takes a shower. Then, he changes her diaper, swaddles her, and reads her a book. Sometimes I'll then read her a book too. Usually, she's still pretty awake, so then the Hubs or I rock her for a bit. We try to put her in her crib drowsy, but still awake. 

SOMETIMES, this'll be it and she'll fall asleep. But, let's be honest. Usually, it's not and she starts crying within a few minutes of putting her down. The Hubs and I take turns going upstairs and patting her back or putting the paci back in. Sometimes, we'll pick her back up and rock her for a bit or I'll see if she's still hungry and nurse her again. I'm nervous about starting "bad habits" with rocking or nursing her to sleep, but whatever. I know if she's fussy around now it's because she's tired and the only true solution will be to get her to sleep, which she'll fight with all her might. Silly lil' girl! I know she CAN fall asleep on her own, as sometimes she does and for almost every nap she does. I know some people say to NEVER put your baby down asleep.... whatever. It is what it is. We do what works for us. And, to be honest-- I kinda love the extra snuggles. Usually by 8:30pm, she's out. Sometimes more like 9 or even 9:30pm. Just depends just how much little girl wants to fight sleep that night. 

Then, the Hubs and I watch a little TV or do some work around the house or something. Pretty much every night I also have a snack (or two or three).

I head to bed around 9:30pm for a glorious 5 hour stretch of sleep. AMAZING what 5 straight hours can do for you after weeks and weeks of 3 hours at a time. 

The only reason I can get that long of a stretch is because the Hubs gives her a bottle of my pumped milk around 11. He then puts her back down to sleep. 

And, then we repeat it all over again the next day! Ya know... at least for a few days until Bailey decides she's over this routine and wants to mix it all up again. :)


  1. You have an AMAZING schedule! It's perfect for you and for Bailey. Of course it'll change as she grows and has different needs, but you're doing it all perfectly!! It's working! Good job!! :)

  2. Nice work on establishing a schedule - lil' B is going to be a morning person, I love it! Just like her mama :)