Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowed In

Like the rest of the midwest and much of the country, we're having a bit of cold weather in these parts...
And to think this is WARMER than it was yesterday... OUCH.

In addition to the rediculously frigid temps, we've got a smidge of snow.

Like 2 feet of snow... poor Sadie, it legit covers her entire body. Girl SPRINTS back to the door each time we take her out to go to the bathroom. I feel so bad for her! Right when we get back in, there's lots of puppy snuggles to warm her up. 

So, we're just kinda bunkered down and waiting out the weather for now. Good thing I have this adorable lil' baby to keep me company.

Other than the snowapocolype, since Christmas, things have been a blur! We spent the holiday at the in-laws, then right after Christmas the Hubs best friend stayed with us for a few days while he was in town visiting. Then, right after he left, my sister, nephew, their puppy, my other sister and her boyfriend all came and stayed with us. Phew!

It was SO, SO, SO great having them all in town for a few days. We all live so far apart and it's so rare to get all 3 of us sisters in the same place at the same time. I love them beyond words and it was so great getting to spend some quality time together. 

Plus, they spoiled the crapola outta Bailey which is just what Aunts are for! :)

Now, the Hubs is back at work and Bailey and I are trying to get back into our post-Holiday routine again. WAY easier said than done. By the time we settle back in, it'll be time for me to go back to work and we'll have to develop a whole new routine. Booooo!!!! Oh well. Gotta enjoy every single moment til then, even if they are snowed in moments trapped inside! :)

Hope everyone out there is staying warm and safe! 


  1. Glad you had a good visit!!! Don't worry about the schedule - whether you were going to return to work or not, the schedule changes JUST as you get one figured out anyway. So you're in good company. :) (Don't worry - once she's like 10 months old or so, you can keep the same schedule for at least a few months - yay!) LOL

  2. Wow - Bailey so has your eyes! And Sadie is just so sweet! Maybe you should get her some dog boots *please do, please do, please do!