Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Workout Summary: 1/19-1/25

Weekly Workout Summary: 1/19-1/25

Sunday, 1/19: 8-Minute Abs and 8-Minute Arms
Monday, 1/20: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred

Tuesday, 1/21: None
Wednesday, 1/22: 45 minute Jillian-esqe workout on OnDemand
Thursday, 1/23: None
Friday, 1/24: A handful of OnDemand workouts-- 12 minute legs, 5 minute abs, 6 minute arms. Also shoveled snow outside in our driveway.
Saturday, 1/25: Walked in place/around in circles in my living room while wearing Bailey in a carrier for an hour. I realize this sounds bonkers... but, after being cooped up all day I NEEDED to move a little and it's FAR too cold and snowy to get outside. Do what you can when you can. Also shoveled snow outside in our driveway.

I think I've kinda fallen into a nice groove with my home-on-maternity-leave life. I know my best bet to get a workout in is during Bailey's first nap, as that is her best nap of the day. While it would be SOOOO nice to just go back to bed (as it's still pre-7:30am!) during this nap, I know if I don't get the workout in then, I likely won't get it in at all that day... turns out babies can be kinda needy sometimes. :) Again, I'll call this week a victory.

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  1. Oh yeah, you are dedicated! It would be so tough not to go back to bed! Getting some indoor cardio done today since you know, there's about 50 million feet of snow out there!