Friday, July 18, 2014

Bailey: 8 Month Update

Age: Nope. No way is baby girl 8 freaking months old. I refuse to believe it.
Size: FINALLY, just 4 days before she officially turned 8 months, I decided it was time to officially call it quits on her 0-3 month clothes. Don't get me wrong. They still fit her... but, it's time. I'm over them. Plus, she's been wearing a few 3-6 month outfits for a few weeks, but she's officially, as of this week, 100% in 3-6 month clothes. They're definitely roomy, but fit fine. She's still in size 2 diapers, too. Tiny little peanut. I don't know her weight/height, but I definitely think she's getting a lot taller.

Sleep: OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG. Guys. She's sleeping through the night. I'll give you a second to regroup from your celebration. No cheering? Just me? Well, trust me, I'm cheering loud enough for all of us. I'll say it again, just in case you missed it:
Ok, ok... she's SORTA sleeping through the night (STTN). She's done it 5 times in the last 8 days. 1 night of crying (I'm going to do the oh-so-controversial sleep training post soon) followed by 3 nights of sttn, then 1 night of crying, then 1 sttn, then 1 crying, then 1 sttn. So, I certainly don't think we're 100% there and can say she's GOT it down, but we're making progress. And, hello-- SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! Multiple times. In a row even! I'm pretty excited over here. Hopefully it just keeps getting better and better and we eliminate these random wake-up nights altogether. Fingers crossed! 

Nursing & Solids: Nursing is still going really well, though very different. I think we're in the eating-more-solids-everyday phase and she's less and less interested in nursing. Plus, she's in that IWANNALOOKATEVERYTHING phase too. Fun. Anyway, we're still going strong with our nursing sessions (6:30am, 9:30am, 12:30pm, 4pm, and 6:45pm) but they're each MUCH, MUCH shorter than they were before clocking in now about about 6-10 minutes per side max (before they were more like 15-20 minutes per side). I think it's a combo of her FINALLY getting more efficient and her maybe taking a bit less at each session. I think we're on the cusp of moving to a 4 hour schedule which will eliminate one of those nursing sessions. We'll see. All in all, nursing (& pumping-- still at about 7:30am and 9pm) = GREAT!

For solids, she's eating 3 "meals" a day right now. We moved from 1 meal to 2 meals after about 2 weeks and then to 3 meals just last week. A typical meal is a few slices of whatever solid (today it was sweet potato, yesterday it was steamed carrots) and sometimes some baby cereal mixed with b-milk. We're starting to try to just give her parts of our dinner instead of something separate. We're kinda figuring things out as we go. We're definitely not doing any jarred food anymore. She's a pretty adventurous and ravenous eater, when she wants to be. I kinda love meal time. She's so cute just chowing down.

Likes: Daddy, daddy, daddy. Girl is obsessed. He walks in the door from work and she immediately lights up. It's beyond adorable.
She's still OBSESSED with Sadie, too. Poor dog. It's not an unusual thing for me to turn my back from 1 second and when I turn back around for her to have Sadie's ear in her mouth. Luckily, Sadie is still amazingly gentle and wonderful with her.
Crawling!! Girl is on the move and wants to make sure everyone knows it. She like legit does not stop moving.

And, she still likes all the other usual things... Mums, jumperoo, toys, her little play kitchen, songs, dancing with me, chewing on everything.

Dislikes: The stupid carseat. Seriously. Girl hate, hate, haaaates it. Usually in the morning she's OK with it. But, sometimes that's even a big fail. I keep telling her it's not negotiable. She doesn't seem to understand. LOL.

She also seems to really dislike her stroller lately. We've been using the Ergo to take her on walks much more lately. Hopefully it's just a phase as I'd really like to start running with her in the jogging stroller again.

New This Month/Special Moments/Milestones:
-Pulling herself up to standing

-Big girl bath

-More and more babbling. She's starting to blow raspberries and to make "ba" sounds. Side note: she seems to make the raspberries the most when she's mad, which is about the funniest and cutest darn thing in the entire world. I'm obsessed.

-"Crying" when she doesn't get her way. When she wants to play with something she shouldn't be (ie- extension cord) and I tell her no and move her away, she, of course, will move right back to it. I tell her no and move her again and she's started to sorta fake cry. Drama queen already. Greaaaaat. 

-More and more new foods... mango, egg, tomato, lemon, pickle, too many more to name. Girl loves to eat!

Looking forward to: Everything! OMG. It's so fun seeing her develop. She learns something new like every day it seems like. She's so fast now with her crawl and is talking more and more to herself. She can sit and play by herself, totally entertained. She loves to mimic noises and facial expressions. It's just so fun seeing her grow and develop. I'm like legit obsessed with just watching her. I can't wait for each new stage and thing she learns. SO MUCH FUN!!

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