Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Thing Thursday: 7/10

Two Songs I Can't Get Enough Of:
1. Still love me some Taylor Swift.
You know how songs have a way of bringing up a very vivid memory of a time you heard it? For me, any song on this CD will always bring me back to the Hubs and my cruise 2 years ago. I had just gotten this CD and basically had it on repeat the entire time on my iPod. Now, if only we could recreate that memory... anyone wanna babysit? 
2. "Oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun..." Yeah. That song. No clue the name. It's a kids song. It's one of my favorite kids songs right now. Yes, I have favorites.  

Two Shows I'm Watching:
1. Big Brother.
Looooove this show. One of my very best friends in the world got me hooked on this in grad school. Now, I can't stop. Obsessed. If I had no life and all the time in the world, I'd totally pay for the 24 hour live feed. Because I'm a loser. Alas, I'll have to settle for the 3 episodes a week. I never catch it live... thankgoodness for and naptime.

2. Still Secret Life of the American Teenager. Still sucks. Still can't stop.

Two Things I'm Looking Forward To Doing This Weekend:
1. Shakespeare in the Park! The Hubs and I are going to see Romeo and Juliet. I love plays, so I'm pumped. Hopefully it's not too hot and Bailey falls fast asleep in the Ergo.

2. Taste of Chicago. We've gone a couple times in the past and it's always a good time. Definitely looking forward to it again.

Two Cute Pics of Bailey:
1. Nothing cuter than a baby tush.
2. Little Mozart in the making.

Two Things That Sucked This Week (so far):

1. Chipping a tooth. Boooooo. I have terrible teeth. They look decent, especially for never having braces, but they're terrible. I joke that I have skinny-fat-person-teeth. You know... those super skinny people who eat TERRIBLE and never workout, but just are super skinny anyway. That's my teeth. They look decent, but are terrible inside. Boo. Dentist appointment scheduled for next week.

2. Went to a Mom's group event and I was the only person who showed. It's never happened before and some extenuating circumstances made it so people who planned to come had to bail last minute. It happens. Still sucked though.

Two Workouts This Week:
1. I ran again! On my own!! FOUR miles this time. I'm getting there!!
Ok, so it wasn't the fastest, but I ran. And, I felt strong.

2. Oh, Bob Harper. You kick my ass every time.
Two Things I'm Doing Today:
1. Going to tour a donut factory to learn how donuts are made with my Mom's Group! Ok, ok-- I know that Bailey gets nothing out of this in theory... but, I think she does somehow! I love exposing her to new and different things... plus, she's too little for her free donut so you know who gets it!!! :)

2. Oil change. Boo. Hopefully it's quick and painless.

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